true blood s3 press / today

HBO has issued a press release that reveals the bonus material for True Blood: The Complete Third Season on DVD & Blu-ray. I really hope that “and more!” includes the webisodes that bridged a plot between Season 2 & 3 (they can be presently found on & YouTube). :/

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while, then my dad and I watched some of the usual morning TV. Blah. Then I waited and we eventually headed out again. First, I went to the library and printed up my Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides free tickets. Even though the packaging claims a singular free ticket, I got four out of the Disney Movie Rewards code (not to mention 475 points!). Awesome! I don’t think I’ve really seen a Pirates movie in-theater before. Think I should pay up a bit and see it in 3D? I’ve never seen any of these new-fangled 3D movies before either. I just hope now that we’re both.. still here in just under three months when Pirates 4 hits theaters..

After that, my dad had to go and renew his car registration, then I made a visit to the bank. Upon arriving home, I watched two more episodes of Supernatural (I see the light at the end of the tunnel.. three episodes to go before I’m caught up.. four by tomorrow :p ..I liked the ‘Death & the Reaper’ episode.. that’d make a good ser– oh wait, that sorta already happened.. then I couldn’t leave it with a cliffhanger and watched “Like A Virgin” too, good episodes đŸ™‚ ).My dad wouldn’t shut up.. and then he fell asleep for many hours. I watched Raising Hope (haha) and Traffic Light (ha).

Next, I went to my room to get online. Shortly after that, my dad woke up on the couch.. then went to bed.. In primetime, that wasn’t a single.. two things new.. plus my was still asleep.. so I finally watched my Netflix selection — Megamind. It was nice, but in the end I only found it mediocre. Shoving in references that only adults would get. Psh.. My dad woke up at 9PM.. and we had some.. supper, if that’s what that was.. We watched Hot In Cleveland (lol) and Retired At 35 (haha.. nag, nag, nag), then I watched Megamind: The Button Of Doom (Nickelodeon aired the short last Saturday, only a day after its DVD & Blu debut :p was overall mediocre too, hehe) before returning to my room.

Well.. see ya.


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