true blood s3 dvd blu / today

HBO has announced True Blood: The Complete Third Season for release on DVD & Blu-ray on May 31st. Best cover art yet, in my opinion. πŸ˜‰ Like past seasons, I would expect the fourth season premiere to air shortly after this date. Looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning and got online, then soon watched three more episodes of Supernatural (going so fast partly because I had heard about the “alien” episode, hehe.. which was the middle one of these three.. lo, good episode.. and it took place in Indiana, featured some classic X-Files music at the start before a X-Files parody opening credits.. damn, almost makes me want to watch X-Files all over again :p). My dad returned home from dialysis, seeming a lot better.. then sat down the couch and fell asleep immediately.. 😐

I watched some morning TV.. while I got online for a while. And then I waited until my dad was finally ready to go to the grocery store.. and then we went. Yeah, I bought most of the stuff I wanted with what little money I had left (until tomorrow). He’s still randomly thinking I’m other people and that there’s a few too many people living here. He sometimes talks to “me” about me and sometimes wants to make a bigger-than-needed supper. But at least his arm doesn’t hurt yet.. as long he doesn’t use very much. And that leads to slightly swerving on the road. He went to put his sunglasses and we went up on the curb today. 😐 ..We returned home and my dad pretty much just fell asleep even though he tried to fight it because he thought it was too late in the day to do so.

I watched Conan (lol) and Being Human UK (good show.. wonder if the US version will stack up.. waiting until the end of the UK season before I start it). And then I got online to news-gather and such.. My dad woke up (he had given up and gone bed), then we had some supper. Well, he made it and I ate it. Yeah, don’t listen to the doctor who tells you that you don’t eat enough. Or me when I remind you of that fact. -_-

In primetime, my dad mainly sulked around and then went to bed around 9PM.. I watched The Middle (hahaha.. yeah, doesn’t deserve a lol this week), Better With You (I guess a lot of other people enjoy those short segments they do in this show? there was two this episode, so funny), Modern Family (lol, good episode), Mr Sunshine (haha.. yeah..) and eventually last night’s Hellcats (wow, nice episode.. I really liked that ending πŸ™‚ ).

And that was about it.. See ya.


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