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Here’s four more Power Rangers Samurai episode titles and descriptions! Next Sunday, March 6th, is “A Fish Out Of Water”. “There Go The Brides” will follow on March 13th, then “I’ve Got A Spell On Blue” is set for March 20th. But then the series will take its first break and return with “Forest For The Trees” on April 10th. Check out the brief descriptions below.

Sun. Mar. 6, 12:00 PM ET – 2007/105 – “A Fish Out of Water”
Kevin is assigned the crucial task of catching the elusive SwardfishZord in order to save the other Rangers who have been incapacitated by the stench of the Nighlok Yamiror’s breath.

Sun. Mar. 13, 12:00 PM ET – 2008/106 – “There Go the Brides”
Dayu crosses into the mortal world to cause misery by kidnapping brides on their wedding day.

Sun. Mar. 20, 12:00 PM ET – 2009/107 – “I’ve Got a Spell on Blue”
A Nighlok uses mind control powers to force Kevin to fight against his fellow Rangers.

Sun. Apr. 10, 12:00 PM ET – 2010/108 – “Forest for the Trees”
After Mike goes rogue in battle, Mentor takes Mike’s Samuraizer away until he learns a deeper lesson about the nature of the Green Ranger’s Symbol Power.

I awoke in the morning and got online, downloading and transferring shows to my PS3 like crazy. Not only were there a lot of shows last night, but I finally decided to catch up on Supernatural by downloading rather than watching from my bedroom DVR. I’ve only watched maybe the first three episodes this season so far. Maybe I’ll marathon a few today. 🙂 Finding some English dub encodes of Supernatural The Animation got me inspired. Jared Padalacki voices his character all season, but there’s only a Jensen Ackles sound-alike for all but the final two episodes. :/

While My dad was sleeping, I watched last night’s Conan. Then we awoke and he mainly watched Ellen. After some time online, I returned and watch an episode of Supernatural (the catch-up begins..). I was starting the next one when my dad suddenly wanted to go out. He went to Target to get some money on his phone.. Then I went to Best Buy and picked up Pirates Of The Caribbean Ultimate Trilogy Collection. Best Buy’s exclusive packaging is pretty sweet. Huge box shaped like a book. 🙂

We got some fast food for supper a bit early from Burger King (each paying for out own, his check came in today), then we watched home. I watched the rest of that second episode of Supernatural, followed by two more episodes (so from episode 4 to 7 of season 6 in one day, not bad.. and it took them that long to get to the season’s premise? :p). My dad mainly returned to sleep on and off for the rest of the night. 😦

I got online to news-gather, then in primetime I watched No Ordinary Family (haha, crazy episode :p), V (very good episode this week) and a good part of that Charlie Sheen ABC special before falling asleep.

My dad woke me up some hours later, he had been having the pains in his arm pretty much all day. But I had no idea what to do since they didn’t do anything for him last time he went to the hospital for it. My dad appeared to think he was in a home again, asking where his nurse was. He also came up with some crazy explanation for why his arm was hurting. It was probably incorrect because the doctor had written that he just needed to go to dialysis more. He was begging me to call a doctor, but I didn’t have a clue what to do, given his confusion. I asked and he said that he had been dropped off from the hospital to his home less than a week ago. He says the pain is now everywhere. Eventually, he took a prescription pill and returned to bed.

When I awoke early the next morning, my dad was gone, either to his scheduled dialysis or to the hospital again.. I don’t really know. 😦

See ya.


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