Sunday 02.27.2011 — Power Rangers Samurai “Stick & Stones”

I awoke in the morning and soon watched Bleach (I totally called Nel turning into some hot chick last week moments before it happened, but I didn’t expect the “camera” looking at her chest so much.. thanks though! this show had me so bored for a while.. until now.. so keep it up! :p), Kekkaishi (good episode 🙂 ), Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (great show.. I need to catch up on buying these DVDs.. and the Naruto Uncut half-seasons..) and R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series (lol, stupidest one I’ve seen yet.. that girl’s worst fear is a lady with pantyhose on her face? lol.. good casting on the baddie, really reminded me of that creepy guy from Freakazoid :p ..I like the idea of kid guest stars, like the younger sister from Modern Family here and that kid from Wimpy Kid a week or two ago).

My dad woke up during all that, then we eventually had some breakfast.. and he spouted his usual things about a couple other people living here or just stopping by all the time.. then he fell asleep again.. I watched Gokaiger (episode 02, and I liked it.. yes, I’m watching sentai.. this anniversary season features pirate-themed Rangers who can transform into past Ranger teams, so I had to check it out.. really hope Saban can use it for the 20th anniversary 🙂 ), soon followed by last week’s Power Rangers Samurai (again, best episode so far.. wonder how many of those people on the rollercoaster at the end were crew members :p).

After some more time waiting, it was finally time for today’s new episode of Power Rangers Samurai — “Sticks & Stones”. After three episodes of what seemed to be left out, Bulk and Spike finally become a part of an episode rather than feeling like something unrelated. Plus Spike didn’t do that annoying laugh again. But the main focus of the episode this week was the Emily the Yellow Ranger. We finally got a little bit of back story, in the form of a flashback to Emily’s past with here sister. I really liked this episode, probably even more than last week’s episode. 🙂

The rest of the afternoon was mostly wasted online, visiting websites and waiting for dekabroken’s encode of today’s Power Rangers Samurai episode to show up. It showed up a few hours later than usual, then I transfered it to my PS3. I have all four episodes on my PS3 HDD so far. :p ..We eventually had some supper, then maybe watched fiive minutes of the Oscars the whole night. So boring. We instead watched Desperate Housewives (yes, from last week :p ..good episode, a character now goes to dialysis like my dad, so..), The Mentalist (wow, some episode this week 🙂 ) and Shameless (haha, very good episode :p ).

And eventually, I fell asleep.. and that was pretty much it.. See ya.



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