Saturday 02.26.2011 — The last beta tester to PlayStation Rewards Select!

I awoke.. eventually.. and got online for a bit. I got me some breakfast, then my dad eventually headed off to dialysis.. I then watched Transformers Prime (another very good episode this week 🙂 ), Degrassi (also pretty good), Greek (I’m going to miss this one 😦 ), Skins US (oops, missed the latest one.. now caught up.. and it was the most pedestrian episode yet, eh.. let’s go camping in Canada, where we DON”T film this series! :p) and Nikita (wow, great episode.. haha @ “show me the gaspworthy event that I know is coming already!” ending :p).

And after some more time online.. I then watched Hellcats (a sign that I watch too much TV: knowing what events are going to happen just by seeing the recap :p ..good episode though). My dad returned home from dialysis near the end of that. The pain in his arm had stopped, so it was because he hadn’t gone to dialysis very often lately. :/ ..We watched some Working Class (haha) and The Mentalist (not bad).. before he fell asleep again. He eventually went to bed.

I watched the final two episodes of Glory Daze (been putting them off for a while due the series’ mediocrity.. but it was announced it was canceled yesterday, so I just got them out of the way now).. followed by Being Human UK (zombie! another very good episode.. I should catch up, have two more to watch :p). My dad woke up again, we both had some frozen things out of the microwave for supper.. then we eventually went right back to bed again.. *sigh*

After some more time online, I checked my e-mail and noticed that I had finally reached the Select tier in PlayStation Rewards. Yay. 🙂 So a bit after 10PM, I got my PS3 online and upgraded my avatar. Fancy shmancy. :p You get some new avatars denoting “Select”, a dynamic theme and a PlayStation Home item. Unfortunate that you mainly have to spend money on PSN in order to level up every year, something that I don’t really do very often (except in Home). It’s in beta now, but should be available pretty soon to all of PSN…

I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while and visited some friends, then I played through the end of Level 2 and all of Level 3 of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. I got two more trophies, making for a total of 400. Woohoo. :p Then I shut off the PS3 and prepared to sleep..

See ya.


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