pr samurai ep order confirmed / thor tales of asgard blu dvd / today

Tommy Lawson has finally confirmed that Nickelodeon is in fact airing the Power Rangers Samurai episodes out of order. The first episode aired was actually episode 3. The long-awaited origin story (likely episodes 1 & 2) may finally air as the tenth episode around late April or early May, if the previously-mentioned official hint from Saban is true.. I’d say it was Nickelodeon’s decision to do this. They have a history of doing so, plus this is the first time in this series’ history that the production crew and the network aren’t under the same company. :/

After all this time, Marvel is finally trying the animated direct-to-video film genre again.. and just in time for a related theatrical blockbuster. :p Lionsgate will release Thor: Tales of Asgard onto Blu-ray & DVD on May 17th. And like the superior DC Universe series, the discs will feature an animated series episode — from The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Neat. 🙂

I stayed up quite late again last night. I didn’t get to sleep until maybe.. 4AM? I slept for some hours, awoke for a but.. then slept for a few more hours. My dad passed on going to dialysis due to a few inches of snow on the ground, but said he would go tomorrow instead. :/ We watched a bit of morning TV, then I got back online for a little while.. I returned to the living room for a little Ellen.. but then got online again..

In the afternoon.. I didn’t really watch much to start. Just some crap between more time online. Though later on, I watched House (good episode), Castle (very far behind on this one.. as soon as the alien hypotheses came up, I knew it wouldn’t be that.. really don’t like these kind of bait-and-switch episodes) and Skins US (caught up on this one, I guess.. good episode too 🙂 ).

After that, I got online to news-gather. I also sorta pre-ordered LA Noire on Amazon.. while knowing very little about it. It’s from Rockstar, so it’ll probably be awesome nonetheless. I’ve always wanted a futuristic open-world game, but I guess that would be more expensive to design etc. But I can’t help but feel bashed over the head when two straight games from Rockstar both take place in the past. Ugh. inFamous is probably the closest we’ve gotten to my dream so far. And now I’m slightly underwhelmed by what very little I’ve seen of inFamous 2 as well. Still got it pre-ordered too though. :p

I ordered some pizza for supper, then my dad “went to bed” all night (he sleeps sitting up in bed, wtf?) while I watched Smallville (haha, good episode.. liked the reference to Batman & Wonder Woman.. a Matrix episode a few weeks ago.. and now The Hangover this week.. what could possibly be next? :p), Fringe (wow, good episode this week.. pleasepleaseplease don’t cancel this one Fox, grrr.. when it was on Thursday, I had to download illegally to see the episodes, but now I’m watching live every week in the Friday night “death slot”, and this season has been awesome..) and The Soup (lol).

And.. that was about it..? See ya.



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