abc family start dates / tahm close season / today

ABC Family has issued press releases for the returning drama series Secret Life of the American Teenager & Make It Or Break It. Both return with new episodes on March 28th. Don’t know why they couldn’t do just one.. :p

Meanwhile, due to all the drama going on with Charlie Sheen, it has been decided to stop production on Two & A Half Men for the rest of the season. Ugh. 😦

I got onto PlayStation Home last night and checked out my yacht. NASA TV had already been added, so I checked that out for a bit.. and also hung out with a friend for a bit. Then I finally shut that off and watched Conan.. at like 3AM. Then I fell asleep.. I awoke the next morning and got online for a little while. And I made sure to stay out of my dad’s way as he vomited again. 😦 I eventually returned to the living room.. and then well both fell asleep for some hours.

Upon awaking, I got online for a bit again and then checked out PlayStation Home for a little while (newly-updated yacht is sweet.. watched some of the NASA TV feed). And then I watched Raising Hope (lol, and I rarely lol to this one.. spitting orange soda back into a bottle, wtf? probably couldn’t get away with teen usage of chewing tobacco.. wusses.), Traffic Light (lol, nice episode.. liked Carla Gallo’s character here) and another episode of Skins US (probably should watch the UK version instead, right? four episodes in and enjoying it so far.. I watched the first episode of the UK version a long time ago, then put it aside to watch sometime in the future.. it’s on Netflix streaming if you want to check it out.. it’s like the US show, but with nudity, mm :p ..and it’s overall quality is probably better too).

After some complication connecting, I returned to PlayStation Home in time to watch the NASA shuttle launch. I notice that the live stream would shut off if you walked too far away from the screen.. and I noticed a big lack of syncage during the post-launch press conference. :/ I stayed in Home and bought a some more virtual clothes. The new Gentleman’s suit from Lockwood’s new Figment line looks awesome. But the pricing is annoying. Buy one piece for $1.49-1.99 (including the cane!), or get all five pieces for $3.49. Tough choice there, amirite? Now I’m using it as my new Men In Black outfit, with some classic shades and an earpiece. Took some photos. :p

My dad slept and slept. Then I woke him up at 3:30 and he took off to the pantry of whatever for some free food. Didn’t get much though. And then he soon went out again to get some additional groceries with his remaining $3 and $3 cash that I had on me. 😐 ..I soon shut off the PS3 then got online to news-gather. Passed on ordering pizza again today. Definitely getting it tomorrow though.

In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol, of course), Rules of Engagement (haha), The Office (lol.. I was looking forward to Todd Packer returning.. but not like this), Parks & Recreation (lol), 30 Rock (ooh, the chick from Kick-Ass, nice), Outsourced (haha.. end this already plz) and Conan (lol, as always.. my dad had fallen asleep, so I got this out of the way live for the first time :p). And then I just returned to my room..

See ya.


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