pr samurai ratings & titles 7-9 / greek canceled / ps home nasa live stream / today

The ratings have come in for the third episode of Power Rangers Samurai. The February 7th premiere of “The Team Unites” brought in 2.785 million viewers, which a Power Rangers episode hasn’t done in at least a few years now. “Deal With A Nighlok” on the following Sunday improved to 3.115 million viewers. But this last Sunday, “Day Off” was only viewed by 2.890 million viewers.. I didn’t think “Nighlok” was that good of an episode either, but “Day Off” was definitely better..

Three more Power Rangers Samurai episode titles have also been revealed: episode 7 will be “I Got A Spell On Blue” (lol), episode 8 will be “Forest For The Trees” and episode 9 is “Test Of The Leader”. Looking forward to these, but even moreso the mysterious episode 10 that may just finally be the Samurai Rangers’ origin story.. if the official Power Rangers twitter and facebook pages are to be believed: “All will be revealOed…”. :p

ABC Family proves once again that they just don’t care. They have canceled Greek and its series finale will air on March 7th. Bastards. 😦

Tomorrow, February 24th, NASA and PlayStation Home will make history. At 4:50PM ET, NASA will launch its final shuttle.. and it will become the very first live-streaming event in PlayStation Home. But you can only watch the stream if you or a friend owns the Sunset Yacht personal space (formerly Amaterasu). For the event, they’ll also be updating the personal space with some cool new features such as setting the time of day. This sounds cool. I purchased the yacht a little while ago and felt slightly jipped by its features, so this should be fun. I also always wanted to see NASA TV. My cable service doesn’t carry it. 😦 …So anyone wanna come to my yacht? …Yeah, didn’t think so. 😦

I awoke in the morning, from some dream where I was collecting coins.. or something. I can barely remember upon waking up.. I got some breakfast, then watched the final two episodes of Dark Skies (more very good episodes.. damnit cliffhanger). Damn you NBC for canceling it! But then I saw their attempt to not be canceled in the form of the Shout! DVD set’s “Season Two Proposal”. They said they would skip ahead to 1997 upon getting off the mothership..? Ack, not so much agree with that. Unlike most DVDs, I actually watched through most of the bonus features, including the brand new 54min documentary with interviews with the creators and two main cast members. And now I’d like to watch the international version of the pilot movie that’s also in the DVD set as well. The changes sound interesting. 🙂 They couldn’t use black suits on the previously-dubbed “Men In Black” because Men In Black was filming next door at the time? Crazy.

My dad returned home from dialysis during this, then soon fell asleep for a bit. He mainly watched Ellen while I got online for a bit, then I watched Conan (lol), Bar Karma (weird show.. it’s written by the audience.. so maybe that’s why..) and Gossip Girl (haha, good episode). Then I spent a few hours playing some Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (from Blockbuster Online.. such a n00b, stuck in the boss fight in LEVEL TWO! -_-). My dad began talking about supper, so I shut it off and got online to order the pizza I was wanting to get (any pan pizza $10 at Pizza Hut, wow). But I didn’t shut it off in time. My dad had started supper instead. Crap. And like usual, he made an extra plate for a person he insists is here. I ask who but he’s rarely able to give me a name..

I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched The Middle (lol, good episode this week), Better With You (lol), Modern Family (lol, this was also pretty good), Mr Sunshine (lol, face licker), Hot In Cleveland (lol.. a tabloid named TMI, perfect :p) and Retired At 35 (lol). And that was about it really. Or I just really want to get back to my virtual yacht in PlayStation Home.

See ya.



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