cbs on netflix / today

Netflix has now struck a two-year deal with CBS to add their programs to Netflix Instant Streaming. Included in the deal are episodes of Medium (still haven’t watched that final season yet), Flashpoint (a bit behind on this one too), all Star Trek series & Twin Peaks. Yay. 🙂 …I seriously need to get a router for my PS3, and a LOT of extra time…

Speaking of which, a lot of Nickelodeon shows have also recently been added to Netflix Instant Streaming, including Rocko’s Modern Life (Season 1 has been available for awhile, 2-4 have now been added), Hey Arnold and Rugrats. Also, iCarly: Season 1 has been added.. A lot of ABC Family series have been added as well, including Kyle XY, Make It Or Break It and 10 Things I Hate About You. See what I mean about needing a LOT more time? :p

I awoke in the morning.. and my dad was asleep yet again. And so I got online for a little while.. But eventually, he finally awoke and we watched some of the usual morning TV. But soon, we headed out.. to media buy.. I went to Target and picked up All Star Superman on Blu-ray. Their exclusive version includes two additional bonus episodes of Superman TAS on the DVD disc. I haven’t ever really seen most of the Batman and Superman DCAU series.. yet I don’t watch any of these bonus episodes either. It’s just nice to have a bonus. I prefer disc-based exclusives though. The toys with the Best Buy versions just don’t entice me.

I’ve been buying less moves this month.. perhaps even so far this year. The ones I consider yet pass on, like this week’s Due Date, go into my Netflix queue instead. And due to less buying, I still have some funds left over this month. My dad’s broke though.. which brings us to what we did next. I paid for a bit more of gas since the car seemed to be running low again. My dad has really screwed up this car. First, he accidentally pushed down on the gas and brake once. It started sounding worse and worse as he kept using it.. and now makes no sound at all. So one of the breaks is probably completely broken now. And the gas meter thing doesn’t work right anymore, which led to a few extra calls to AAA for some gas. The side the brake broke on also has a tire that must be refilled with air all the time. Not to mention how.. less well he drives now.. He’s constantly veering where he’s not supposed to be and not noticing when a light has turned green.

We returned home and got today’s Ellen out of the way. Then I watched last night’s Conan (lol), followed by two more episodes of Dark Skies (wow, wasn’t expecting that in “Both Sides Now”.. now only two left.. damnitdamnitdamnit), Mike & Molly (lol) and Big Time Rush (lol, nice episode.. Gage Golightly ❤ ..though I'm sure her character will disappear and never come back, no matter the happy outcome 😦 ).

There was quite a bit of confusion from my dad about so many people coming and going from our home when we actually have no guests at all. He also appears to think that I am someone else sometimes and has to be reminded who I really am. Eating, something he doesn't really do often enough, seems to make things somewhat better.. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather..

In primetime, I watched No Ordinary Family (another good episode 🙂 ), V (didn’t like last week’s episode due to all the “unexpected death” :/ ..but this week was better, looking forward to seeing how this season ends) and Glee (omg, Brittany is briefly seen “stripping” at Rachel’s party.. then her bra is seen as being left behind during a clean-up scene.. wow.. damnit for not seeing that on-screen :p ..good episode 🙂 ).

I was preparing to watch something else when my dad awoke at about 11:30PM. He was really out of it. He asked me if there was a nurse on duty and thought that he was in the hospital. He was looking for some Tylenol for his pains. He found something else and returned to bed.. He had told me the other day that he’s tried to tell the people at dialysis about these pains, but they wouldn’t listen. And the visit to the hospital last week only got him a small Vicodin prescription that has already run out. *sigh*

See ya.


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