unending pain

Since my lest entry, a lot of things have happened.. and nothing at all has happened. There were many things (mainly shows) that I really wanted to comment on in a non-twitter capacity, but I passed on doing so most of the time…

And then things got worse when my dad began getting pains in his former dialysis arm. He was unable to sleep some nights. After much complaining, he finally went to the hospital last Sunday. They kept him there for some hours, then let him go with nothing but a small prescription for Vicodin. He seemed fine upon returning home.. but now it’s a week later and I was awoken just now to more groaning. The pains have returned.. and I have no clue what to do. I tried to contact my family members, but they have more immediate-to-them problems to deal with.. so they don’t care enough.

He also feels “bloated” even though he’s barely eaten anything all day.. Now I’m feeling hungry. Great.. I guess our utterly depressing lives are finally about to reach their inevitable conclusions. I’m getting so sick of this planet anyway..


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