Power Rangers Samurai in HD! And all out of order!

I was going to try and return to daily posts on Monday, but got lazy.. and didn’t. Damnit.

Power Rangers Samurai premiered last night. For weeks beforehand, fans were wondering how they could possibly fit all the premiere-y plot elements seen in the promos as well as that from the spoiler description. Some even claimed that the episodes would be airing out of order, as Nickelodeon is known to do sometimes. And as soon as the episode aired last night, that became apparent. This seemed more like a third episode than the first. Everything was suddenly just.. there. No introductions, not even for Bulk & Spike (whose intro-y scene is seen in the “Bulk Is Back” video).

I enjoyed it, but I was also thrown off by it not being an origin story. Plus I am very glad I don’t watch the sentai seasons. This season will be very close to it original Japanese version.. Nonetheless, the ratings are already in and it did rather well (up against Cartoon Network anyway). “Ratings for Power Rangers Samurai (8pm, NICK): 2.785 million viewers, 1.7/3 HH, 0.5/1 A18-49, 1.6/5 T12-17, 3.9/12 K2-11.”

Many argued that this was the intended first episode due mainly to Nickelodeon‘s production number of “101”. But today, it was revealed that, well.. I’ll just let the Saban Brands Media quote speak for itself: “Originally that was episode three but was switched with episode one. So it is considered episode one and episode one is considered episode three.”. But that sorta doesn’t make sense because the original episode 1 / new episode 3 doesn’t sound very much like an origin story either.

However, Tristanism over on RangerBoard claims something a bit different: “I received a similar message a day or two ago that suggested they switched out the “real” premiere in place of this one as well. Except this particular message suggested that we weren’t getting the “real” premiere until around week 8.” Now this makes a bit more sense.. mainly only because we don’t yet have any information for episodes that far out yet. :p

So I guess now we must play the waiting game, and enjoy some possibly-out-of-order episodes of Power Rangers Samurai until then. :/ I rewatched the episode tonight and enjoyed it a little more the second time around. Instantly looking forward to the next episode, Sunday at 12 Noon ET! 🙂

Power Rangers Samurai — Episode 2001 ..or 2003: “The Team Unites”
SD 480p AVI download by dekabroken
HD 720p MP4 download by dekabroken
HD dekabroken encode on YouTube (..how did he get the whole thing in one YT vid?)
My opening credits upload to YouTube (also using deka’s HD encode)

The episode has yet to appear on Nick.com or on Nick On Demand (as scheduled). I’m too old-fashioned when it comes to downloads and usually don’t pay for them. I will however purchase any and every DVD or Blu-ray that Saban will offer.. so get with it already! 😀



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