PSP! / preparing to crash

You may have noticed that I recently purchased a PSP. I’ve been wanting one for years but could never really afford it. But then I discovered that I had access to $110 in Best Buy funds via my bank’s debit card points ($50 gift card) and the Reward Zone program (a $60 certificate thanks to a promotion). I put both of those together and ordered one on since my usual store didn’t have a PSP in stock. :/ But the free standard shipping I got with my Reward Zone account ended up being UPS Ground, so yay.

It arrived within two days of ordered.. and then I didn’t really have much to do with it really. I was excited about finally being able to play audio & video on a portable device. But because I bought a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo beforehand instead of a Duo, the video playback was very selective. I deleted maybe 3/4 of the video files I had put on it just because they weren’t supported or “corrupted”. Some that didn’t work were MP4s, while the three that did.. are also MP4s. O_o And even though PSP games are cheap, I think I’ll have to wait until next month before I get my first one. I’m low on funds for the rest of this month now and there’s still a disc or two to buy.. I have played a few demos though. LittleBigPlanet &.. Dead Or Alive Paradise seem promising IMO (yeah, I’m a pervert who’s been waiting for Xtreme Beach Volleyball to finally come to the PS side.. and it has :p).

In more depressing news that I hate to talk about… My dad seems to be getting worse. I’m not sure but it may be partly because he’s passed on dialysis on both Monday & Friday this past week. That and his stress over recent events appear to be really screwing with his head. I found via online banking that my dad had been found yet again by those auto-billing scammers, taking money that wasn’t theirs out of his account. I refuted two transactions online for him and are now waiting for his new card to come in the mail so he can gain access to what little money he has left for the rest of the month. At least they won’t be able to bill him anymore for this cheap crap he bought.

The car’s brake continues to get worse and worse (not that I’d know, I haven’t been able to leave the apartment barely at all in weeks, since I’ve bought the usual media online the last two Tuesdays). And he needs to get access to his bank account to buy some gas. The tank is nearly empty. Plus his prepaid phone is nearly out of money, so he’s not picking up his phone or checking voicemails at all. :/

He has food stamps again but doesn’t how what to buy very well. He came home with a 12-pack of Mtn Dew Code Red today. I sure like Code Red, but my dad doesn’t. I also have to keep explaining things to him about his banking account, over and over, and he still doesn’t understand. A few hours later, I have to explain it all over again. Plus my dad thinks I don’t live here all the time.. and that someone else does. He made three plates for supper today and we stood in the kitchen for a while trying to explain that there only needed to be two.

All our other family members have taken off and abandoned us to live their own lives… and so I must take this on all on my own. I must watch alone as my dad slowly dies in front of me. I got into all this media (TV, DVDs, games) to get away from the depressing stuff. But the world insists I must suffer. And so I am, and will…


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