short dream, lots of links

I had another pretty cool dream.. where I screwed up everything, just like in real life. I think in a previous dream, I began seeing this very pretty asian girl around (she actually looked quite similar to Erika Fong, the new Power Rangers Samurai Pink Ranger now that I think about it) and I fought with myself to talk to her. And of course I didn’t.

But in this dream, she came to me. As I sat at my computer in my (much cleaner than real life) room, the girl would keep coming in an out.. just looking at something and leaving. But while she did, she slowly got closer and closer to me each time. Finally, she walked up right next to my desk. Then she was next to the doorway again when she asked.. “Why does someone as handsome as yourself not.. have an anniversary or something?”. Yeah, I didn’t understand that either. I said something short and lame as a reply (I was surprised I said anything at all), then I think she said something back. But as I stayed silent.. the dream soon ended and I woke up.

Damnit. Even in my dream, I suck. 😦 In just a few short weeks, I’ll officially be 28 years old.. and I’ll still be the same little kid inside my head who refuses to grow up.. while ignoring all depressing things with the help of my TV and all my DVDs & Blu-rays.

Speaking of which, I better get back to that.. See ya.

[ Free Speech, First Amendment Threatened By AZ Shooting ]
[ Deadly AZ Shootings May Kill First Amendment ]
[ Jared Lee Loughner ‘Mysteriously Changed’ Before Shooting ]
[ Armed AZ Hero Would Have Shot Loughner – Guns SAVE Lives ]
[ Giffords Shooting Scene Has MK ULTRA Profile ]
[ Why Is Giffords Subscribed To Loughner’s YouTube Channel?? ]
[ Videos: Jared Lee Loughner’s Videos – Mind Control? ]
[ AZ Shooter & Giffords Belonged To Same Synagogue ]
[ Media Caught Hiding Fact Loughner Is Jewish ]

[ Birds And Fish Now Dying All Around The World ]
[ More Than 100 Dead Birds Found Off CA Hwy ]
[ More Dead Birds – Now Near St. Louis, MO ]
[ 8,000 Turtle Doves Fall Dead In Italy – Strange Blue Beak Stains ]
[ ‘Indigestion’ Blamed For Turtle Doves Falling Dead In Italy ]
[ Video: Unusual Weather Radar Image About Time Birds Fell ]
[ Recent WorldWide Dead Birds, Fish – Map ]
[ Military Testing Behind Mass Bird, Fish Deaths? ]
[ Animal Die-Offs – ‘It Must Be Your Imagination’ ]
[ Wikileaks Uncovers EPA & Bayer Honeybee Killing Conspiracy ]

[ Feds Say Too Much Fluoride In Drinking Water ]
[ Feds To Reduce Fluoride In Drinking Water ]
[ Big Govt Reversal On Fluoride Stuns Many ]
[ Fluoride – ‘Forced Medication’ To Be Banned ]
[ Fluoride Poisoning ‘Common’ In US ]
[ Fluoride In Water Linked To Lower Child IQ ]
[ EPA Dangerous Chemicals List Includes Aspartame ]
[ ‘Neotame’ (Aspartame) To Go Unlabeled Into Organic Foods! ]

[ Drug Companies Eliminate Medical Herbs, Supplements In EU – US Is Next ]
[ Now The FDA Is Going After Vitamin C! ]
[ Wikileaks – GMO Is A US Conspiracy Against The EU ]
[ Lame Duck Agenda 21 Land Grab For ‘Conservation’ ]
[ Agenda 21 Wildlands – How They Can Steal Your Land ]
[ US Veterans Mind Control Lawsuit ]
[ How The Govt Plans To Control Your Mind ]
[ The Uncomfortable Truth About Mind Control ]
[ Possible HAARP Locations Around The World ]
[ Video: Walmart Prison Towers – Police State Here ]
[ The United States Of Fear – Anxiety Rules ]
[ Fed Makes $80 Billion Profit On American Taxpayers ]
[ Govt Spends $6.85 Million A Minute ]
[ Man Jailed For Threatening Woman With Legal Action ]
[ 14 Most Ridiculous Things Americans Are Arrested For ]
[ Obama Internet ID – Centralization Of Commerce ]
[ Stop Wall St Puppet Obama From Killing Social Security ]
[ Mainstream Media Fails To Report Americans Hate Obamacare ]
[ Donald Trump ‘Planning To Run For President’ ]
[ Influenza: How A Microbe Was Repackaged & Sold As A Virus ]
[ Scientists Developing The ‘Holy Grail’ Of Vaccines ]
[ Anti-Vaccine Doctor Loses License – But ‘Is Not Going Away’ ]
[ Police Ignored Dr David Kelly’s Cell Phone Records ]
[ Fat Shrivels Your Brain ]
[ F Lee Bailey Says He Can Prove OJ Innocent With Evidence ]
[ JFK Mini Series May Never Be Shown In US ]
[ Dramatic Magnetic Pole Shift – 35 Miles A Year ]
[ Moon Has Liquid Core Just Like Earth ]
[ Hubble Telescope Zeroes In On Green Blob In Space ]
[ Earth Must Prepare For ET Encounter – Scientists ]
[ Video: Stunning NASA Shuttle UFOs, Anomalies ]
[ Video: Mars Life, Water, Vegetation, Anomalies ]
[ Video: Large Building Or Structure Found On Mars? ]
[ Viking Found Life On Mars – Confirmation ]
[ Qigong Master Shoots Flames From His Hands ]


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