pr samurai red ranger promo / today

Nickelodeon began airing two new Power Rangers Samurai promos on Saturday: profile promos for the Red & Pink Rangers. They’ve also begun eventually releasing these promos on iTunes (under the Nickelodeon Podcast). And I just stole borrowed the Red Ranger promo and put it up on YouTube. Check it below. Or you could always download the three promos released so far — here, here & here. But you’d know about them already if you followed me on twitter. :p

Jayden: “I Must Not Fail. I AM the Red Ranger.” Now it makes sense. Ricardo Medina Jr (Cole, PRWF) is in New Zealand to dispense acting lessons.. :p *considers becoming a bad guy just so Mia the new Pink Ranger will blow him away too* πŸ˜‰

Oh hey, I’m back. I sorta disappeared there for a while. Oops. Anymore, I just make a list of events for each entry and then flesh them out into paragraphs. I got bored of that.. and took a few breaks. I’m sure not many of you missed me since I’ve been too lazy to add most of the usual news up at the top of them anyway. And the more important Power Rangers related bits were also relayed through my twitter account. But now, I’m going to try and make a new start.. that’ll probably just end up looking like the same old stuff in the end. Oh well. :p

I watched all of Power Rangers Jungle Fury last week, for the first time since broadcast. As with the first viewing, I found most of it.. not so good. Fran was great, as was the romantic hintings mostly left for the end of the season. The finale wasn’t as bad either. but overall, I’m glad to have over. I re-watched all of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers in Space on the official German DVDs, then Power Rangers Lost Galaxy to Jungle Fury on data DVDs (yeah, encodes). Cannot wait to watch all of Power Rangers RPM again.. but I will. My complete 700-episode viewing should be done before the Power Rangers Samurai premiere though. πŸ˜‰

I also watched the Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy back-to-back on Monday. Rather average times. Haha’s @ actually admitting to the quality in the scroll on the third installment. :p ..I also tried to take part in the huge beta-ending event for DC Universe Online.. and was overall disappointed. Even after creating a very scantily-clad female villain with huge cleavage. >:) Not going to pay $60 + $15/mo for this repetitive gameplay. Maybe when the disc is cheaper. I canceled my pre-order and looked into the PS3 release of Mass Effect 2 instead.. and was left somewhat disappointed by its playable demo. It’s just not the kind of gameplay I’m used to. I do like the sci-fi plot though and may wait for a cheaper price on it too. *shrug*

My dad continues to have these moments where he totally forgets things. And he’s still coughing a lot. But today, he went to the doctor and he was told he has small lesions around his lung and that they’ll have to be removed. The surgery should occur within 2 or 3 weeks. He also went to dialysis as planned today.. then got sick again and had to go to bed.

I awoke in the morning and got online like usual. The program I use to download 145 Days of Power Rangers stopped working so well there for a while, which was why I gave up on watching them the day they’re posted. I got too behind. And now I’m finding it difficult because.. well, they’re all episodes I’ve seen at least twice or more (including once pretty recently). :p I’m still downloading and uploading now though. The program is working great. I also downloaded House of Anubis from No channel logo bugs, full closing credits (on that first hour special anyway), but the episodes are segmented files in order to skip to commercials during viewing. That’s nice to know for any future Power Rangers videos on the site.

I watched the remaining ten episodes of Robot Chicken: Season 4 on DVD. Yup, I left it unwatched since I purchased it at release date.. and the new season started just last night. I watched the previous ten episodes yesterday, of course. My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV.. before heading back out again to a doctor’s appointment. I soon checked out PlayStation Home (I was one of the lucky few who got into the Sodium 2 beta, very nice.. I’ve always liked WipEout HD but didn’t want to pay $15 for a PSN download).

My dad returned home, delivered the bad news, then eventually went to bed. I then wasted most of my afternoon watching the recent DCOM Avalon High on Netflix instant streaming. The movie was produced by Janine Dickins, who also produced Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior and some Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. Oh and Britt Robertson is hot in it, of course. :p ..I followed that with Episodes, Showtime’s new series.. that I downloaded. Good start, though I enjoyed the first episode of Shameless (US) last night more. And not just for the sex.. though it did help.

I got online.. to.. news-gather. I also eventually ordered some pizza for supper. Since we’re running out of food, my dad still doesn’t have his food stamps and has under $20 to his name right now. 😦 Oh, and and I’ve become too lazy to go to the grocery store I guess. I used an online coupon code to buy one large pizza and get one free, so now we ended up with a whole pizza of leftovers. lol. πŸ™‚

In primetime, my dad didn’t seem to into watching TV, especially after discovering nothing new was on again. We watched most of Ellen from earlier today (oh c’mon, that ass has to be fake Nicki Minaj.. ugh), followed by last night’s Desperate Housewives (good episode, as usual). And when my dad decided to sleep, I watched last night’s Robot Chicken (AYCH DEE, whew…. ew.. still funny too though) and tonight’s new House of Anubis (a short recap instead a double commercial break would be nice.. but I’m still enjoying this show πŸ™‚ ).

And not long after that, I returned to my room for the night. See ya..?



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