Sunday 01.02.2011

I awoke in the morning and got online, then eventually looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. And then I watched Bleach (yes, this “damsel in distress” plot is a bit more interesting than the last “damsel in distress” plot.. or the “damsel in distress” plot before that.. >_> ), Kekkaishi (good episode 🙂 ) and last night’s one-hour series premiere of House of Anubis (hot teenage girls in school uniforms.. plus an interesting continuing plotline? count me in! >:) liking this show so far..). And then I wasted some time in PlayStation Home (damnit, I’m weak.. went and bought that $5 virtual yacht.. trying to resist an additional $5 to unlock some more sea life around the boat, the sharks appear lonely.. and hungry..).

I gave the TV over to my dad for his football game and I got online for a little while. I got bored of that and headed back into the living room.. where I fell asleep.. I awoke a bit later and got online again, then we eventually had some supper. We watched some Funniest Videos, then my dad began looking sick again. He definitely wasn’t looking good.. With nothing to watch for the next hour, I watched tonight’s new hour of House Of Anubis (continues to keep me interested, haha.. but now we must wait until January 10th for it to begin a weekday run of new episodes 😦 ).

During that show, my dad went off to sleep early. I DVRed the night’s new show, then spent some more time in PlayStation Home on my boat (there’s a screen to view video content on, which was the main reason I bought it.. there’s a larger selection of videos than on my Hollywood Hills House screens, damnit Sony 😦 ). Eventually, I got back online for the night and that was about it.

See ya.


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