Saturday 01.01.2011 — 11100100100111011001

A new version of the latest Power Rangers Samurai promo has begun airing on Nicktoons of all places, finally revealing the official premiere date — Monday February 7th at 8PM ET! Makes sense when you think about it, with the episodes showing up on Nick On Demand the very next day and all. :p

I awoke in the morning and soon got online for a little while.. A little later, my dad wanted to go out and do some errands and I came along since I was bored. My dad went to Target to refill his phone with monies. I.. purchased the Target exclusive version of Batman: Under The Red Hood on Blu-ray. I.. had already purchased it on Amazon, but missed out of this exclusive version that most of my other DC Universe movies have.. due to my dad being away for that time. For some reason, I thought it would be a cinch to just hand in the exclusive-less version for a return. But it’s opened. On the other hand, the recent holidays may make them more lenient on returns, if I didn’t show the receipt..? Eh, I dunno..

I went over to the bank and took out the money for the cable bill this month, then we soon returned home. While my dad briefly left on more errands, I attempted to finally watch Red: Werewolf Hunter on the DVR. Felicia Day couldn’t save this. I gave up after about 30mins, then eventually deleted it.

My dad returned, then eventually had to go out again. And I came along. He went all the way downtown to drop off another bill payment.. and on the way back, the car ran out of gas yet again. Ugh. With the gas guage not being reliable at all anymore, I thought he would put some more gas in today. But of course he didn’t. The car rolled to a stop right next to a gas station, but the only gas can they offered was for $8. And on top of this predicament he got us into, he forgot to bring his newly-money-refilled phone and had to use my nearly-empty one instead to call on AAA. While waiting, my dad tried to start the car again.. and got it running. Did he turn right into the gas station just feet away? No. He went down the street trying to find another station.. and the car stalled again. He had to call up AAA again and tell them our new location,. Some people stopped and helped us into the turn-off lane.. then we waited for AAA to arrive.. while my dad continued to not understand things that I said and kept losing things in his own pockets. By 4PM, AAA finally got their with some gas. My dad then went way down the street.. and bought $40 of gas. I thought that was a bit too much, since for some reason his food stamps hadn’t come in again this morning. Ugh.

After that was finally over with, we headed to the grocery store as planned. Both of us didn’t really buy all that much though.. We returned home and found some syndicated reruns to watch, then we eventually had supper. Then in primetime, as my dad either slept for didn’t pay attention — I watched my first non-game Blockbuster Online selection — Youth In Revolt on Blu-ray. Haha. I really liked this movie. I already wants to buy it. Once it ended, I returned to my room for the night.

What an annoying start to 2011. And it wasn’t over. While I was online, I heard a crash from the living room. The cat had finally knocked the cable box off the top of the TV.. For a while, I had either chased him off of it or take him off due to his fur and vomit ruining the last box. But he managed to stay up there all night while I slept anyway. And my dad was too damn lazy to help me reinforce that he shouldn’t get up there. Tonight, my dad finally realized why he shouldn’t get up there. Cables were all bent on the back of the box and the box itself now sat lopsided due to the front of it coming partway off. Rather than continuing to try and keep off the damn thing, my dad opted to move it to safer ground instead of the slightly-slanted-topped TV. :/

Great start to 2011.. See ya.



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