new years eve

I awoke to my dad taking off for dialysis again.. I got online, downloaded and uploaded 145 Days, then fell asleep watching some DVRed MAD. :/ ..I awoke a few hours later and soon watched the final four episodes of V: Season 1 (really good episodes, especially that finale.. wow.. so looking forward to Season 2 on Tuesday night now, it’s following No Ordinary Family 🙂 ). My dad returned home from dialysis during that and.. pretty much just went in and out of sleep all day. :/ I did get my “free” Blu-ray in the mail from Disney Movie Rewards though — Eight Below.

After those episodes were over (and the BD-Live refused to work for some reason), I found nothing else to do. I watched this morning’s Regis & Kelly with my dad, then I eventually watched the first couple episodes of Claymore on Netflix streaming (it’s not bad.. but barely keeping me interested as well.. hm). And then I wasted some time on PlayStation Home before finally getting back on the PC to news-gather a little after 6PM.

It seems my dad is back to normal. He ran dialysis all three days this week. He awoke from his nap a little before 6PM, thought it was 6AM (again surprised when I set him straight).. then went right back to bed, leaving me hungry for some supper yet again. Ugghh. I guess I must stoop to leftovers again. Luckily, we actually have some. My dad usually just throws it out. -_- ..But instead, my dad awoke.. and made supper. He didn’t have anything just because he wasn’t hungry.

I watched a couple DVRed episodes of MAD (Transformin’ Grill, lol), followed by Glory Daze (lol, good episode). And then I got onto PlayStation Home, foolishly thinking they had some find of New Years Eve event just because they did last year. I eventually find nothing. With the new quietness, my dad had to wake up from his nap and come into the living room to see what was going on. I stayed on Home up until maybe 10 minutes before midnight, then we sorta justed the countdown in silence.

My dad couldn’t find any of the musical performances entertaining and gave up. I eventually returned to Home (which I had left idle) before soon shutting off the PS3.. My dad didn’t mind returning to bed until after I returned to my room for the night. :p

See ya.. and Happy New Year..?


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