power rangers samurai trailer itunes / today

Oh hey, if you have iTunes, you can now download that very first Power Rangers Samurai promo for free. Thanks Nickelodeon! 🙂 ..Now I need to re-install iTunes. Damnit..

I awoke in the morning and got online for some hours, downloading and uploading 145 Days of Power Rangers etc. The rarely-aired “A Friend In Need” three-part crossover with Masked Rider should be coming up pretty soon now.. We had some breakfast, watched some morning TV, then I found myself back online again. But after a bit more arguing, I got my dad to take me back down to Best Buy so I could replace my Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D Blu-ray.

I handed them my copy with the annoying crack behind the disc, went and picked out the perfect copy from all of them on the shelves (at least three locations, seemed to have a lot more of the 3D than the basic 2D only version).. but then that damn customer service girl had to remove the plastic with a pen, damaging the case a bit in the process. Grrr. It’s not a crack, but still very annoying.. after all that looking though every copy for the perfect one.. then she just ruins it. Doubt I’ll return it again though.. *sigh*

We returned home.. and I got online for a little while.. again.. But I eventually took over the TV when there was nothing on and checked out PlayStation Home for a little while (encountered some rather idiotic noobs in the theater.. that’s what happens when a bunch of people get new PS3s for Christmas, ugh.. then I joined a costume party of sorts in Central Plaza.. before felling asleep). Once I awoke, I moved on to some DC Universe Online Beta (I’m on a particularly annoying boss battle right now that I’m finding utterly impossible to win.. and when that happens, it’s annoying when you have to pay up in the game’s virtual money of which I have a limited supply just to repair your armor.. over and over.. after failing to defeat like ten guys all attacking you at once.. over and over.. -_-).

Eventually, I got tired of all that BS and decided to go ahead and watch my scheduled movie a bit early — Predator on Blu-ray. Yes, the infamous Ultimate Hunter Edition with the newly “remastered” movie. There were times where I noticed in the picture and was all “ugh”, but they were few and far between really. And I actually enjoyed it more here than I did on my DVD version. *shrug* ..After that, I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.

In primetime, nothing was on TV yet again of course. But this time, I remembered another show we needed to catch up on. And so we watched two more episodes of Mentalist (good episodes, liked them a bit more than expected.. now only three to go before being caught up). My dad soon went to bed early and I watched tonight’s two-episode season finale of Tower Prep (wow, really enjoyed both of these episodes, great stuff.. but that ending to the season and possibly the series left me going “um.. okay?” :p ..hope it comes back for more).

Well, that was about it.. See ya.



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