Saturday 12.25.2010 & Sunday 12.26.2010 —

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while (downloading 145 Days), then I had to listen as my dad got all depressed over our Christmas sucking even though it has sucked for a few years now.. I fell asleep, then awoke again a few hours later and got online again (uploading 145 Days)… My dad continued to be a bit too creepily nice to me, though he hasn’t mentioned anything about the relatives in a little while now.. We had some breakfast and I watched The Soup (lol) and Leverage (good finale 🙂 ).

And soon after that, I decided to finally watch my next Netflix selection — Eat Pray Love. First thing I notice was the near 5 hours runtime on sleeve. wtf? They counted both cuts of the film on the disc. I started the 2 1/2 hours director’s cut.. and we both were bored by it pretty quick. My dad really likes Julia Roberts.. but.. fail.. I think I fell asleep in the middle, then my dad made supper at about 3-4PM. The movie ended, then I quickly downloaded and watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special (great episode, though could’ve been a bit awesomer.. Season 6 trailer, wow!)/ And then I watched another Castle (down to two episodes now, yay).

My dad got done with supper and appeared to the preparing to go to sleep. He also mentioned Saturday Night Live before I started Castle, as if it was on at that time. I set him straight and I soon got online for a bit while my dad wanted to see some news.. Later on, I was bored and returned to the living room.. and soon watched some holiday special my dad was watching. But he eventually got bored of it and went to bed. I watched a couple episodes of GI Joe Renegades (holiday episode, just what I need.. gladly it’s only in Part 1.. good episodes though 🙂 ) before returning to my room. But I eventually fell asleep..

I had a dream where I think I was watching some Will Ferrell movie where his character was talking a bunch of hilarious BS to a church full of people and this uptight pastor guy got all angry about it. The others in the church didn’t like the pastor for attacking him though. And then when I woke up.. a real religious show was on TV. Odd.. I got online (downloading 145 Days), then.. soon fell asleep again. I awoke a little while later, checked out the ads for Tuesday (wow, Resident Evil Trilogy Blu $25, Spider-Man Trilogy Blu $20.. there goes my extra money :p).

I started uploading 145 Days, then eventually watched last night’s R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series series premiere (lol, that Christmas episode was so lame.. until the end.. Santa riding that red hummer limo, he be pimpin’ :p ..the second episode was better, with that awesomely depressing ending 🙂 .. love the promos too: “Don’t let your parents watch it alone.” :p) and another Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (Police State episode, mostly stuff I already heard.. *shrug*).

After that (and some late breakfast), I asked my dad if I could go to Best Buy today instead of Tuesday due to the only new release coming out early. After a lot of complaining from his end, we took off. I got to Best Buy and didn’t even consider the crowds would be that crazy. But I went ahead anyway. I was going to get Spider-Man Trilogy on Blu, but they only had two copies in stock on the shelf and they were both banged up. Oh well. So I got Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D (my first 3D Blu-ray.. that I can’t play in 3D! There’s a 2D version on it too.. I accidentally price-matched from $29.99 down to $18.99 plus a $5 off coupon, bwahaha), Resident Evil: The High Definition Trilogy Blu-ray (price-matched from their $44.99 to Frys’ $25, for three movies? veddy nice), How I Met Your Mother: Season 5 on DVD (price-matched to Target’s $14.99) and Serenity Blu ($15, might as well finish the collection).

Sooo many people in that store, long line at the register. And I had to wait and wait to find someone to help me get Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D out of the back room. They changed the release date from Tuesday to today. Eventually, I got handed a copy and headed to the register. Of course, once I opened it, it had an annoying crack in the thin eco case right behind the disc. Grrrr. Probably can’t get my dad back there to replace it right away either. I told him I wouldn’t need to go Tuesday if I went today. 😦 The disc appears fine, but I’m sure that crack would haunt me for years if I kept it that way. And the clear white Blu-ray 3D case isn’t easy to replace by yourself either.

My dad’s mind seems to get all loopy and messed up after a particularly stressful event. I mentioned how he began asking where my passed-away mom as well as my aunt were, as if they’re around a lot. That eventually went away, but he’s still acting a bit nicer than he used to, and he needs to be reminded of things that he should already know. This happened soon after the car’s screwed-up brake got even worse. The sounds are even louder now. I think he must’ve had something happen on one of those runs to the grocery store last week that made it even worse. He has no idea how the brake got messed up in the first place. I told him it might’ve been that time he accidentally pressed his feet on both the brake and gas while in line at the bank trying to reach into his back pocket, but he laughed and told me that I was the crazy one.

My dad wasted some money on a cheap heater and then some oven thing that he never used and has already boxed up to return. He’s now just leaving it sit there, collecting dust. I tried to tell him that if he doesn’t return it, they’ll automatically take the payments out of his bank account instead of just billing him in the mail, but he just doesn’t understand that either. He saw he had some extra money left unspent from his time in that home.. and wasted it instead of using it to fix his damn brake. Now he’s deathly afraid of driving it after some event last week that he never even mentioned to me at all. *sigh* -_-

Once we returned home, I soon got online for a while to inventory the new discs.. then we had some supper.. then I got online again for a while.. Once my dad’s Colts game was over, we soon watched Salt on Blu-ray. We both really liked it. Good movie. I thought the very non-subtle open ending was kinda strange though. We watched the 100min theatrical version though. Need to watch the 104min Director’s Cut or 101min Extended Cut next time. I hear one has a different ending. Hmm. The Salt Blu-ray also features an exclusive Salt theme for my PS3. Wish more Blu-rays did that.. I followed that movie with Glory Daze (haha, good episode) & Come Fly With Me (lol, very funny.. need to keep getting this one) before returning to my room for the night.

See ya.



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