power rangers samurai sneak peek! / today

Nickelodeon has now posted a sneak peek clip from Power Rangers Samurai. Us US folk can view it on their website. Others will have to make do with the embedded YouTube video below. This season is looking awesome so far. All signs point to Power Rangers Samurai premiering the weekend of February 5th. Cannot wait. šŸ™‚

I awoke early in the morning, then got online for a little while.. and then I soon fell asleep.. I awoke a few hours later and got online again, then got the PS3 online to check out the updates to PlayStation Home. It was a little while after that that it started. My dad had fallen asleep, so I snuck the PS3 online. But once he awoke, he began asking where my mom was. She had passed away over 20 years ago. But I just couldn’t tell him the truth. I guess I was just too scared or weak concerning what he might do upon the news.

He brought up going to the grocery store, so I brought up going to Best Buy. And so we did, picking up some gas along the way. The place was pretty busy.. and of course they didn’t have what I was looking for. Ugh. The strained brake on the car appeared to be quite a bit worse than before, as if he had strained it again while I wasn’t in the car.. This different version of my dad seemed happier than the normal version, aside from being more forgetful. He came to a conclusion that my mom must have left with my aunt (his sister) earlier while he was asleep or something.. and I stayed silent.

We returned home and I returned to my PS3, having no idea what to do. After having problems staying awake and finding something, he decided to go to the grocery store.. and so he went. I hung out with friends on PlayStation Home for a bit, then solved a problem I had with DC Universe Online Beta (not enough HDD space.. or v1.03 fixing everything..? ..dunno.. ooh, new Harley Quinn and Catwoman loading screens.. and then after all that time updating, the servers are offline, damnit :p).

My dad returned home with some things from the grocery store. He still seemed more cheerful than before.. even though I heard a definite grinding or bumping sound as he pulled in the car. And unlike usual, he was hungry.. and when I said I wasn’t, he insisted I eat something since I hadn’t eaten much today. Rather than being the usual “whatever”. He didn’t go to dialysis on Wednesday. He slept right through it. I hope tomorrow’s dialysis can set him straight, like I seem to recall it did in the past…

I gave the TV back to my dad and got the PC back online about an hour earlier than usual. Nope, not because I was trying to be nice to my dad. I read my twitter feed on my phone and heard about the Power Rangers Samurai sneak peek. I had to get my PC online to watch, download and upload that sucker. :p It was awesome.. but of course my program for downloading it again didn’t want to work. Grrr.. I eventually straightened it all out though and got it uploaded to YouTube, as you can see above. šŸ™‚

My dad and I had some supper, then I.. stayed online to news-gather and such.. In primetime, there was nothing much to watch yet again. And so I watched Easy A on Blu-ray. Hey, that rhymed (haha, a reference to the movie :p). I really liked it, as expected as soon as I saw that first trailer. Very good movie. My dad gave up on it rather early and left to go other things, then he eventually went to bed. It’s odd having him know about current obligations such as tomorrow morning’s dialysis, yet not know simple things that have been commonly known for a while. He was worried about waking me up in the morning, even though I’ve been sleeping the living room for years. And he inquired about me having a key in case I left while he was gone tomorrow morning (we know that’ll never happen). :/

I watched the recent Christmas episode of Leverage (haha, good episode), followed by.. Tuesday’s Conan.. then soon went to sleep as well.. See ya.



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