pr samurai vod debut / today

BurgundyRanger has received Nickelodeon’s Video On Demand schedule for February 2011 and has revealed that Power Rangers Samurai will very likely make its VOD debut on Tuesday February 8th. Only very likely? Because it’s listed as simply “Power Rangers #101”. :p Episodes 102 and 103 are scheduled to appear on the service on February 15th & 22nd respectively. So it’s now looking very likely that Power Rangers Samurai will makes its cable broadcast premiere during the weekend of February 5th. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online (downloading/uploading 145 Days), then watched Men In Black: The Series (a day behind.. think I’ll keep that another day though, a two-parter began today :p ..and this episode was very jokey btw, ugh). Not long after that, I fell asleep.. I awoke a few hours later to a knock at the door. UPS arrived way earlier than usual to drop off my new Blu-rays. Awesome. Around 11:30AM rather than 4-5PM. I unpacked then soon got online to inventory the new discs — Salt, Easy A (been waiting impatiently for a few years to see Emma Stone to get the spotlight she deserves, looking forward to watching this) and Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy (three one-hour “movies” in three two-disc sets for just $22.99? sure, why not.. I was originally on the fence about getting these or just the last installment since I’m not so much a fan of pillarboxing :p least the last one’s in widescreen.. if the volumes go Blu for the widescreen episodes, I’m in for that too).

My dad fell asleep, then I.. got the PS3 online.. of course. I checked out PlayStation Home and saw there was nothing to get at Winter Wonderland today (aw). But then instead of playing another game, I watched The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Blu-ray. I liked it a little more the previous installment. Another definite step up from the first movie, which I had a hard time liking.. I checked out PlayStation Home again, then headed over to Netflix to watch an episode of Blue Mountain State (chose to watch the new episodes via Netflix rather than download or DVR.. and got so behind because I forgot about them :p, good episode.. thanks for keep my place, Netflix :p).

And then I finally turned to DC Universe Online Beta. But instead of playing it, it had to download a patch.. then it downloaded the patch again.. then it froze my PS3 so I had to start over the download.. and then it froze again. Wow. Well, there’s a whole hour wasted. If these bugs keep up, I may just cancel my pre-order. They should really be sure everything is ready for release rather than throw it onto shelves earlier just to have a cool release date (1-11-11).. I checked out PlayStation Home one last time, then shut it off before supper.

My dad hasn’t been feeling so good. He slept through supper and most of the night last night, then slept right though his dialysis time this morning as well. He awoke for a little while in the late morning.. then sleep for a few more hours. We were running out of groceries. I had to remind him that he has food stamps. He couldn’t remember that or what day it was. He then went to the grocery store for some things, then we eventually had some late supper. My dad said he almost fell down while out. While waiting for supper, I got another weak spell after feeling hungry for a while. Weak spells suck.

In primetime, we watched two episodes of Human Target (last week and tonight’s Christmas episode.. it appears to be getting more campy, no likey 😦 ..and Guerrero’s awesome moments seem a bit fewer and far between due to the new cast 😦 ) and Million Dollar Money Drop (I was unsure about watching it, but my dad got all excited once I mentioned it.. so yeah..). And that was about it.

See ya.


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