Sunday 12.19.2010 — sunday, uneventful sunday

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while, then looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (hmm, $5 gift card or steelbook.. damnit). And after that, I watched Bleach (it is roughly the same plot as that annoyingly drawn out “damsel in distress” thing with Rukia.. argh), Kekkaishi (good episode šŸ™‚ ) and Twisted Whiskers Show (haha). I then fit in some time on PlayStation Home (finally decorating my homes for Christmas.. the 50 item limit is soo annoying) before my dad awoke and demanded his football.

Once it came time for his football, I got online for a little while.. er, all afternoon.. We had some TV dinners for supper (just.. awesome), then I watched Funniest Commercials 2010 (lol). My dad decided to go to bed early (what a surprise), then I watched Human Target (got behind because I thought my dad enjoyed this show.. but nope.. now I wanna catch up for the Christmas episode airing this week :p) and two episodes of Glory Daze (lol, not bad). Then I got online again.. and that was about it. :/

See ya.


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