Saturday 12.18.2010 — starving, sleeping like a zombie..

Once my dad went to bed and I got my previous entry posted, I got my PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home for today’s reward item in Winter Wonderland.. then I showed off my new winter outfit and took some pictures with Santa. :p Soon after that, I fell asleep.. I awoke in the morning and watched two episodes of GI Joe Renegades (two-parter, so I kept to watch together :p ..good episodes) and two episodes of Gossip Girl (got a bit behind there again, was a bit surprised by it all turned out.. good episodes 🙂 ).

Soon after that, we watched Christmas Vacation on DVD (must be the 34645645345th viewing.. my dad kept falling asleep.. and I was mainly watching it for him :/ ).. followed by Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (9/11 Pentagon episode.. another very good one here, gotta see).. and finally the next Netflix selection — Toy Story 3 (I liked it, great movie.. and this rental disc was nice too, including one bonus feature then listing the rest available on the retail discs on a non-click-through menu.. a lot better than Universal’s lazy Get Him To The Greek rental disc, thanks Disney :p).

After that, while my dad slept, I went to PlayStation Home to get today’s Winter Wonderland item.. then decided to boot up DC Universe Online Beta. Now that a whole bunch of people have gotten in, there’s a login queue. Ugh. I went from somewhere in the 400s to logged in within 15-20mins or so, then as soon as I get to fighting.. my PS3 freezes and I have to reboot. And now its “unable to download key configuration files”. I tried over and over. No worky. Just plain awesome. -_- I get online and found out that that was the server going offline for maintenance or whatever. Odd.

I got online for a while, then decided that I would like some pizza for supper. But I decided to ask my dad first because he would be picking it up. He was in another of his crappy moods. He awoke from sleep before I asked.. and he said no.. then soon went to.. sit in his bed. He said he wasn’t hungry. So I guess no supper tonight. He doesn’t give a shit if the cat and I are hungry. If he isn’t, it’s out of the question. I surely can’t cook unless it’s out of a microwave, which very little of the stuff we have is for the microwave. So we starve yet again. While my dad just sits on the couch or on his bed in the dark.. like some fucking creepy zombie or something. -_-

I decided to risk the annoying delivery fee and order the pizza online anyway, then I watched two episodes of Life Unexpected (thanks for taking breaks, TV shows! now I can catch up! ..haha @ the Thanksgiving episode.. but wow @ the latest episode, it was so good that I had to look it up online to make sure it wasn’t the now-series finale.. it’s not, two more episodes to go 😦 ..can’t wait the Complete Series DVD now, hope its not much higher in price than the regular season DVD since it’s only 26 episodes).

The pizza arrived and I ate. My dad eventually woke up and explained how he awoke and thought it was 5AM.. so he went to bed to sit-sleep. He came in wondering why I’d get pizza at this time of day. By this time, it was after 8PM.. Even though he hadn’t eaten anything in nearly 12 hours and I offered, he refused to eat some pizza. 😦 ..Once my episodes were done, I returned to my room.

*sigh* See ya.


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