this week dec 13-17


I awoke early in the morning, saw that my dad probably wasn’t going to dialysis again, then got online.. and then I returned to sleep. I awoke again a few hours later and soon watched the first four episodes of Firefly (counting the pilot as two episodes.. very nice start so far, I’m liking it). My dad woke up again and we watched some morning TV.

I checked out PlayStation Home very briefly (the Winter Wonderland free items so far aren’t as good as the items in EU last year 😦 ), then played a couple game from Blockbuster Online — Borderlands (well, there wasn’t enough HDD space to install, so I just sealed it :p) & Bayonetta (.. w.. t.. f? mm, no thanks. *seals that too*). And then I finally played a few more hours of Batman: Arkham Asylum (going up against Poison Ivy now, hawt :p).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. And then Blockbuster Online screwed me over. I changed my plan a few days early before the free trail ran out, thinking the free trial would continue until the next billing date.. as it prominently states on their site. But of course, it didn’t. I was billed immediately and they refused to refund me. Oh, but I’ll get NEXT month for half price? ..Perhaps another disc will get.. lost in the mail.. before the month is out. >_>

In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, good episode), Rules of Engagement (eh..), Two & A Half Men (lol) and Mike & Molly (haha). I started to finally watch last week’s Human Target.. but my dad ran off somewhere, so I watched last week’s Tower Prep instead (ooh, good episode btw). And then of course he returned. :/

See y–


Oh wait.. I awoke the next morning and got online for a bit, then watched Men In Black: The Series (from Monday.. haha, high school :p). But my dad eventually woke up.. and then we eventually headed out to media buy.. My dad bitched all the way there about how I was wasting my money on discs when I could be spending it on things I needed more. Then I threw the heater / oven bullshit back at him. He had some extra money at the same time as these damn screwed-up brakes and yet he bought a couple expensive-yet-cheap-looking gadgets instead. He thinks they’ll just bill him for the remaining payments too.. and not automatically charge to his card. Idiot. He’ll see.. Just keep digging that hole.

Anyway, I went to Best Buy and picked up The Other Guys on Combo Blu-ray. I price-matched their $24.99 price down to a Fry’s ad’s $19.99 (one-disc) price, then used a 10% off Reward Zone coupon that wasn’t meant to be added to new releases. Final cost was $17.99 plus tax.. 24 Season 8 wouldn’t confirm on the packaging the Blu-ray exclusivity of the post-series mini-episode.. so I passed on it altogether. :/

I got my usual icee (yum), then visited a grocery store briefly before returning home.. We watched some morning TV, then I fit in four more episodes of Firefly (wow, some improvement over the first four yesterday.. really liked these, especially “Our Mrs. Reynolds” 😉 ).. we had some fast food for supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, there wasn’t much on TV.. so we watched The Other Guys on Blu-ray. lol, very funny movie. My dad started to complain about how silly some of the things the y were saying were.. then went to bed near the end.. I got the PS3 online and registered some Blu-rays, then checked out PlayStation Home (Winter Wonderland again).. before being pulled into DC Universe Online Beta for a few hours. Damnit.


Before I knew it, it was 3AM. I shut off the PS3, then got online again.. And then my dad awoke and eventually left for dialysis. I tried to stay awake and watch something.. but of course failed miserably. I slept (finally) from about 6AM to 10AM. Then I watched a couple more episodes of Firefly (keeps getting better.. everyone else on Earth was right! Whadayaknow?). My dad returned home during the second episode of the day, so I took a break and watched today’s Ellen.. before eventually returning to watch the remaining episodes today (lol @ the nekkidness, that had to be an unaired episode right? :p ..three episodes and a movie to go! man!).

Once that was finished, I checked out PlayStation Home (got today’s Winter Wonderland item.. then wasted maybe thirty minutes or so organizing my wardrobe again.. only to not have it saved once the PS3 froze up again. Hooray. The “submit a report” thing once I turned it back on was pretty cool. Don’t remember seeing that before.. I then played for about an hour in Batman: Arkham Asylum (I’ve finally reached the final showdown! man! :p). We had some supper, then I soon got online to news-gather.

My dad had stayed up all day after dialysis, so he was getting weak again. He was finally able to re-open his food stamps though. He’s getting them tomorrow, and I’d like to spend some bucks at the grocery store myself. Hmm.. In primetime, there was nothing on. So my dad went to bed and I watched Bones (wow, odd episode.. though I did expect that ending :p), Warehouse 13 (Christmas episode.. so filled with cheese, was difficult to keep watching :p) and last night’s Minute To Win It (Christmas again.. my dad woke up shortly before going to bed.. then returned to bed once getting bored of this). And I eventually fell asleep too…


I awoke the next morning and got online. Then I watched two episodes of Men In Black: The Series (haha, Megazort power cell, eh? :p Yeah, I was all “omg Megazord” until I consulted closed captioning).. and soon fell asleep again.. I awoke some hours later and got online again, then eventually we watched some morning TV. But soon, we finally.. went to the grocery store. My dad appeared to want to pay for everything.. so I let him. Bwahaha. >_> And he reached the amount he expected in the end..

We returned home and I eventually watched the final three episodes of Firefly (great episodes yet again, especially that last one.. plus that second deleted scene from the pilot seemed pretty useful to me, sucks it got cut.. streaming Serenity on Netflix tomorrow, wish I had the Blu-ray now :p).. I then moved on to PlayStation Home (picked up a bunch of new free virtual shirts.. I never really wear the promotional ones, but I really want to collect them all nonetheless :p).

We had some supper, then I got online to news– er, reboot. Yes, the computer’s continuing to act up. I have to now reboot it every two or three days when it begins getting really laggy. Ugh.. In primetime, my dad went to bed early as I eventually watched Big Bang Theory (Kaley Cuoco as Wonder Woman, veddy nice.. oh, funny episode too), Shit My Dad Says (lol), Conan (I miss DVRing Monday’s episode so I get way behind.. this is said Monday episode :p), Tower Prep (wow, another really good episode this week.. hope it isn’t canned, but it looks like it may just be since they’re airing TWO new episodes next Tuesday.. plus still no re-airings at all 😦 ) and Conan (Tuesday.. rofl during the Seth Green segment).

I got online to news-gather.. and that was pretty much it..


Except it wasn’t… The next day, I awoke and got online for a bit, then watched two episodes of Men In Black: The Series (haha, good episodes.. though I remember being younger and not liking these later episodes as much when they first aired due to their new slightly lighter tone). I gave up on downloading 145 Days of Power Rangers for now (120MB, 120MB.. why must it drop some 50MB from yesterday’s encode, that was a second attempt after it came out 120MB the first time too..? gr).

And I soon watched Serenity via Netflix instant streaming. I.. didn’t really like it as much as the series. The abrupt change of colors in the picture (the series had warm colors, then the movie went cold, white, bleached), all the shadowyness.. and the overall more “serious business” tone of the whole thing. I’ll wait for a slightly better deal before I pick up that Blu-ray now. :p ..My dad came home from dialysis during it and.. kept interrupting my movie. Gr.

We eventually watched some morning TV, then I played some Batman: Arkham Asylum. I was going to just finish up the story mode and that be that for the day. But then after that I really got into looking for all of Riddler’s secret items that needed collecting, and Riddler’s comments just egged that on. He keeps commenting that he doesn’t think you can find them all and laughing all evilly. And after I found one he even commented that I must have been looking them up on the internet. lol. Actually, it’s pretty easy once you find the secrets maps for each area.. though some of them were still a bit difficult to get to. :p I kept cleaning one area out at a time.. then ran out of time at 6PM. 😦

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, nothing was one TV yet again.. and my dad was looking rather sleepy since he hasn’t slept all day after dialysis.. I watched two episodes of Conan (Wednesday & Thursday.. lol, especially WB Animation Part 2 :p), followed by I Get That A Lot (a half-hour edited special with stuff from previous specials.. but with “new footage” that’s never been been seen before! ..time filler after all the holiday specials :p), The Soup (lol) and Twisted Whiskers Show (lol, hadn’t seen it in a while, so sorta missed it a bit :p ).

And that was it. For real. I just got lazy and didn’t get the entries posted on time. Then by Wednesday just chose to pile them all up on Friday. Hope I didn’t worry my one faithful reader (er, skimmer) too much. :p See ya..


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