Sunday 12.12.2010 —

I had totally forgotten about Saturday’s Winter Wonderland free item in PlayStation Home. So after the previous entry, I got online and picked up the item (available for one day only).. then went over to play a little DC Universe Online Beta.. for just a couple hours.. or so. And the next thing I knew, it was already after 4AM. Ack. I shut it off and went to sleep.. I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then watched Bleach (not too bad, actually.. I am liking the current plot more than the last one.. or two..) and Kekkaishi (still great, of course).

I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. and then watched Fringe (another awesome episode, great show). A little after that, I checked out PlayStation Home for a bit too long.. then entered DC Universe Online Beta for a.. few-hour-long bit.. The whole thing about movies my dad wouldn’t like came up again, then I finally decided to watch one of said movies — Inception.. And like his other non-Batman-related fare that I’ve seen (The Prestige & Memento), I had a bit of a difficult time getting into it. And then I fell asleep somewhere during the middle.. and awoke for the end. Aw man. I guess I shouldn’t have stayed up past 4AM..?

We had some supper, then.. we watched Running Wilde (hm, last minute change from new episode to repeat? ..luckily, it was the episode that I hadn’t completely watched previously, so yay), some Funniest Videos (maybe 15mins, while waiting for..), Simpsons (lol, this felt kinda like an older episode.. nice), Family Guy (instantly my favorite Christmas episode of the series, lol), American Dad (lol.. instantly my lea– oh wait, I did like that ending.. hope it doesn’t get old like that Family Guy chicken :p) and Desperate Housewives (wow, very good episode this week.. really like their mid-season cliffhangers).

And that was about it.. See ya.


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