My dad woke me up with his usual “feeling terrible” crap. It’s a cold, geez.. He eventually left for dialysis, then I got online and checked some sites. That’s when I heard about the DC Universe Online PS3 beta keys and ran to my inbox. And there it was! I copied it down and giddily got the PS3 online to download and install it. Felt like Christmas morning to me, and that hasn’t happened to me for quite a while. It was a very nice idea to make the initial download so small. But of course, once that was taken care of I had to clear out at least an additional 8GB to have the HDD space for the full download. And I think I already had at least 4 or 5GB already free. :p

As DCUO downloaded (for forever and ever.. keeping track of the max download speed is pretty neat though), I watched three episodes of Men In Black: The Series (Wed-Fri, good episodes 🙂 ..ah, new opening credits that I remember not liking back then.. the new sections that showcase more of the cast seem so tacked on), two episodes of Nikita (all caught up again.. very good episodes, especially last night’s installment, wow O_O I must wait to January 27th? aww..), and Glee (very nice Christmas episode 🙂 ).

After nearly five hours of waiting, the DCUO beta was finally completely installed (15GB!). After watching the opening cinematic (y’know, the one made of pure awesome?), I made my first hero and got started. Overall, I really enjoyed it. There were a few annoying things here and there, but I’m sure those will be remedied before release. It was maybe sometime after 10AM when I got started. And before I knew it.. it was already 3:30PM. Ack! lol. I shut it off and watched some Ellen, followed by some Conan (lol, liked the WB Animation segment with Bruce Timm).

My dad returned home from dialysis and eventually went to bed due to his usual weak feeling. He woke up again and that’s when I watched those shows. But then he went to bed again. And so after Conan, I returned to DC Universe Online. Funny how during character creation, you can see the whole “ken doll” when making a male. But when I made a female villain, a random sports bra and underwear would appear and disappear according to what selections I made. lol. :p

My dad woke up again and I soon finally shut off my PS3 and got online to news-gather. Oh, and I also posted yesterday’s entry. Yup, all I was able to do before getting the beta key and giddily running off with it this morning was downloading today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. :p ..In primetime, we watched Smallville (wow, very good episode.. now another long break ahead 😦 ), The Good Guys (aw, season–hopefully not series–finale.. a good one though, haha @ the end :p) and The Soup (lol.. but fell asleep like halfway through this one :/ ).

See ya.


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