power rangers twitter / today

Oh look, the official Power Rangers Twitter account is finally online. Some were skeptical at first, likely due to it being “@PowerRangerNews”, but it is linked from PowerRangers.com. I would’ve preferred it if they somehow got Twitter to take the @PowerRangers account back from the guy sitting on it, but oh well.. *shrug*

I stayed up a bit late and watched Cougartown (haha), Conan (from Tuesday) and Tim & Eric (Chrimbus Special, how cute.. er, really retarded.. I guess they’re making fun of the commercialism of the holiday by offering the special on DVD heavily during the special itself.. think how that would play on the DVD.. 40mins or so of crap I struggled to watch on a $15 DVD? no thanks!). I finally fell asleep.

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while, But soon my dad left somewhere. I got the PS3 online right away and checked out all the awesome new stuff in PlayStation Home. Well, I mainly took part in the Christmas festivities (the Winter Wonderland space is beautiful, especially once everything is turned on later) and checked out the few items that were actually free. And then I visited the Midway 2 space and froze.. My dad eventually returned from his appointment, and we watched some morning TV.

I watched some Conan (last night), then downloaded, installed, played and deleted five random (and small) PSN demos to complete one of those new quests in PlayStation Rewards. One was actually pretty fun.. and so I didn’t delete it. :p ..After that, I watched the final two episodes of Caprica (phew, finally over with.. no more SPAYCE MAFIYA! was getting so tired of that crap.. I even fell asleep during the last episode and had to play that part over again.. since that part actually wasn’t boring for the first time in a while :p).

And then I ran out of time. We had some supper, then I soon got online to news-gather.. In primetime, my dad wanted to watch the Colts game. But I took over the TV anyway (while he had fallen asleep) and watched Big Bang Theory (lol, good episode), Shit My Dad Says (haha.. eh, airing episodes out of order? ugh..), The Office (lol.. and now the pieces are in place for Michael’s expected happy ending, looking forward to it), Community (stop-motion episode? -_- ..but they did do it pretty well, actually.. Haha, liked the jab at Lost especially :p) and 30 Rock (haha, nice). But my dad went to his room and listened to most of the game on the radio instead. 😦 Plus it appears they won easily, so.. blah..

See ya.


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