I awoke in the morning and got online.. pretty much all morning.. as my dad watched his morning TV and waited at home instead of going to dialysis.. for a call that never came. Wow, his social worker really does suck. First, she doesn’t tell him he’s losing his food stamps and it has to be a very upsetting surprise on the day he’s supposed to get them. And then he was told he had to re-apply and to expect a phone call today. She called to say she’d call later.. and never did. He needs these food stamps to survive the month. What a perfect month to show how little she cares. -_-

In the afternoon, after my dad went to the grocery store again with what little money had left for the rest of the month.. I got onto PlayStation Home for a few hours. I bought a new virtual shelf for my virtual trophies in my virtual space.. then was finally awarded the Dance Dance Revolution cabinet. Yay. And to finally get it, I only had to fall asleep with my avatar dancing away in the Konami space. :p

I eventually woke up (my dad had returned and fallen asleep on the couch as well), then I played some more Batman: Arkham Asylum. Loving this game. lol @ fake game defect. I had heard about it previously, but still thought it was real when it happened (I had already gone to the “quit game” screen when it started back up again). Perhaps it was the odd loading pause a little beforehand that made it seem more authentic. :p And I go so into it that I ignored everything else. My dad woke up, then eventually silently went to bed a little before 8PM.

I of course turned the game off before 8PM, then watched The Middle (lol, good episode), Better With You (lol, also rather good) and Modern Family (lol). In between (pausing) and during some commercials, I’d go into my room and get some internet surfing in. But my dad abruptly “woke up” at 10PM and changed the channel on me, so I couldn’t watch Cougartown (not much of a loss, but I was still pissed).

And that was about it really.. See ya.

Yeah, definitely like the PSN EU one better.. even though it won’t let me update it. Grr. 😡


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