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I awoke in the morning and watched Men In Black: The Series.. then I eventually fell asleep again.. I awoke and got online for for a while, then we eventually watched some morning TV. Oh yeah, my dad made it to his appointment with the help of some Google Maps via me. But it didn’t matter and they just rescheduled both appointments when he got there.. And then after my dad recommended it, I began waiting for UPS. All day.

In the afternoon, I watched Conan (lol), Leverage (first of three episodes that I never got around to watching when they aired months ago.. Rashomon :p) and Tower Prep (last week.. back to serious, yay, very nice). I changed to playing some music to pass the time.. then UPS arrived with my Firefly Blu-ray. Yay. Perhaps I’ll even get to watching it as soon as next week. Don’t have the movie yet though. Perhaps I’ll stream that via Netflix for now…

We eventually made it to Best Buy and I picked up Inception on Blu-ray. No, not the price-matchable $17.99 combo pack. The Best Buy version with shooting script for.. $30. I was thinking about trying a price match on this version.. but I forgot the Target ad at home. Soo.. movie any good? :p ..We returned home home, then I got online to news-gather and inventory the new discs. We eventually had some supper too. šŸ˜

In primetime, we watched Minute To Win It (haha, holiday episode :p), No Ordinary Family (no hour late this week.. some episode, wow), Raising Hope (a little better than usual.. a little..) and Running Wilde (haha, not bad). And that was pretty much it.. See ya.


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