Sunday 12.05.2010 —

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then soon watched Men In Black: The Series (liked the “Egyptian” style aliens, nice 🙂 ), GI Joe Renegades (SSS Market owned by Cobra, hahaha.. so jello molds last week, pudding people this week.. what could be next? :p ..good show though), Bleach (eh, it’s alright I guess) and Kekkaishi (still liking it.. a lot of anime is good when it can do both drama and comedy well, such as FMA). My dad woke up from his sleep (*ahem*) and went to get the newspaper.. and I soon looked through the ads. The Inception Blu-ray is only $17.99 at Target this week. Love the holidays. :p Best Buy is overcharging for their $29.99 exclusive slipcover and script though. :/

I then watched Big Time Rush (Christmas! good episodes, haha.. most definitely a two-parter, an on-screen credit popped up halfway through :p ), A Very School Gyrls Holla-Day (wow, even worse than the first special.. didn’t think that was possible.. but then again, this one may be a bit better just because this one at least doesn’t have Justin Beiber in it :p) and four episodes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (yeah, totally forgot to watch it yesterday.. the Rangers tried to call on their zords while fighting a whole bunch of human-sized monsters in “Things Not Said”, there’s one Zordon rule broken.. they didn’t come though for some unknown reason.. not to mention the “secret identities” thing earlier in the season, though that happened in previous Kalish seasons too -_- four episodes tomorrow! yay! ..I’ve seen PROO three times now, counting this time.. looking forward to seeing the remaining two seasons for the first time since air, especially RPM of course).

My dad got angry over not having TV time today like he usually does. I assumed it was okay since his Colts game doesn’t start until later. I gave up the TV and returned to my room. We’ll see who wins on Thursday though. Way too many new shows that night. >_> ..I finally listened to Now 36 while online for a little while, then.. just wasted the rest of the day away online.

Later on though, I.. actually got into the Colts game for a little while. When it’s a real battle to win at the end like that.. it’s not that bad. :p We ordered some pizza for supper (I paid for half, all the cash on me :/ ..I paid for some gas earlier in the week too, feeling bad for his loss of funds 😦 I’m also starting to cut down on media buying, if you can believe that).. In primetime, I watched Simpsons (the muppet segment was the best, lol.. and that ending, omg :p) and Cleveland Show (haha) before we watched Desperate Housewives (good episode this week.. but next week, whoa).. then I watched The Walking Dead (season finale 😦 ..and such an awesome episode too, wow). I returned to my room for the night as my dad watched his news.

I waited to buy Firefly at the last minute to avoid Tuesday delivery, but it’s looking to be going that way anyway. Ugh. Not sure if I want to risk going out that day even though UPS usually comes late in the afternoon. They almost always leave the item at the door, knock and run. Not a good thing when you live in an apartment building with untrustworthy people..

I’m also having problems.. being patient with my dad. He always seems to not understand something. I try to explain it to him but he doesn’t understand that either or thinks that I’m wrong as well. I go to anger too quickly sometimes. Luckily, he usually just ignores it though.. He bought this Nu Wave Oven thing a while back and now wants to return it after being overwhelmed by it. He says he won’t pay the remaining payments, not understanding that they’ll charge his card automatically. The first payment was $40, plus $90 for the speedy shipping they fooled him into. To return it, he’ll have to pay return shipping as well. I tried to keep the Nu Wave Oven infomercial away from him on two separate occasions, but he saw it again while I was online one morning.. and he called them right up. -_- ..Also today, we argued about his hospital appointments early this week. He kept mixing up the two dates and times in this letter and I had to keep repeating them in the proper order. And of course he suddenly mentioned that he doesn’t know where a place is during the night before said appointment. :/

..See ya..


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