Saturday 12.04.2010 —

I awoke very early in the morning and watched two episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (the previous one that I slept through a good part of and last night’s episode.. both were pretty good). My dad awoke soon after and demanded he see his news, and so he did.. see his news. Eventually, I fell asleep.. A few hours later, I awoke again and got online for a little while. We soon had some breakfast, then I watched two episodes of Transformers Prime (“Darkness Rising” Part 4 & 5.. the conclusion to the saga.. until February 😦 ..what a great conclusion too, I could definitely see this five-part “mini-series” as a DVD & Blu-ray release close to the season premiere.. or I’d prefer a complete season.. but this is a kids show, so you never know.. pleasebeonblu-ray).

After a brief time online, my dad cleaned off the car and we headed out to media buy. I headed to Target and picked up the basic special edition Blu-ray / DVD flipper of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. You could either buy the movie alone on a Blu-ray disc, or have all the bonus features with it.. on a crappy flipper. Hate flipper discs. Grr. The Target exclusive featured exclusive packaging and cards. Lame. I always prefer something exclusive i n the disc department, like with the first two movies in this series. Why did Summit & Target have to change it up now? Ugh.

My dad and I went to the grocery store once again. and got a few groceries.. We returned home and I watched Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (water conspiracy! ..even I had trouble believing some bits of them.. fluoride though, very true.. looks like I’ll have to download the mysteriously-pulled-from-air Wall Street episode from a few weeks back.. never saw it :/ ..but ooh, next Friday is the BP oil spill.. that should be very enlightening) followed by my next Netflix selection — How To Train Your Dragon (my dad fell asleep before it even started, lol.. I liked it, but it felt like something better suited for kids TV than a theatrical run *shrug*).

And after that, I gave up on Vampire Dairies and deleted all the back episodes I was behind on watching.. then soon watched Fringe (wow, great episode this week.. cannot wait to see all this again on Blu next fall 🙂 ) and Bones (good episode here too 🙂 ). We had some supper, then I got online for a little while. Once my dad fell asleep.. I took over and watched Remember Me on Blu-ray. Second time watching it. Purchased a little after I rented the DVD on Netflix. Still a great movie.. Mm, Emilie. :p

I got online.. and that’s pretty much.. all I wrote.. Oh, except I went ahead and ordered Firefly on Blu-ray at the last second. I was waiting for the Amazon Prime free two-day shipping countdown clock to change to Wednesday so that the UPS delivery wouldn’t interfere with Tuesday’s media buying. :p See ya.


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