I stayed up late last night and watched the previous two episodes of 145 Days of Power Rangers before the new one. I watched a couple episodes of Conan (rofl) while waiting for it to show up on the site. But again I had problems with StreamTransport and eventually I fell asleep.. I awoke in the morning, woke my dad up because it was 5AM and he wasn’t going to dialysis again,. He eventually told me that he had called in sick though and would be going tomorrow. He looked sick.. for those first few hours of the day anyway.

So I got online and downloaded / uploaded today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers (decided not to watch it after I noticed the audio sync problem.. ew.. a favorite episode of mine too 😦 )… Later, we watched some morning TV, then I took over and checked out PlayStation Home (not placing some separate Novus Prime items in the Novus Prime space and then charging more for bundles of said items in the space, ew.. plus the individual items had convenient “errors” so you couldn’t buy them.. suspicious).

We watched some more morning TV.. We later headed out to the bank, then eventually returned home. I watched five episodes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (“universal morphing grid” as a physical location? nooo, shutupshutupshutup.. we all know the real morphing grid is more like the Force.. damnit Disney). And then I played a little of another game from Blockbuster Online — Mirror’s Edge. I’ve never really liked first-person games. But I remember playing this demo ages ago and thought it looked purdy, so.. Yeah, it’s probably going back pretty soon. And then I played a little Batman: Arkham Asylum (barely got anything done in the time left, ugh 😦 ).

We soon had some supper, then I got online to news-gather (the news is up there, it’s just invisible.. and very tiny).. In primetime, we watched Smallville (wow, awesome episode this week.. as soon as the plot was concluded, I was all “aw” though because they didn’t show a scene or two that I had wanted to see, damn 😦 ), The Good Guys (lol, very good episode.. finale next week? nooooo-) and The Soup (lol).

Trying so hard to resist that Firefly Blu-ray on Amazon for just $25 (I’ve still only seen the feature-length pilot via Netflix streaming). Damnit. And tomorrow’s my last chance. 😐 ..See ya..


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