december 1st

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while, then soon watched Transformers Prime (“Darkness Rising” Part 2.. good episode) and Men In Black: The Series (from Tuesday, also good).. before falling asleep.. I awoke a few hours later and watched another Men In Black: The Series (today’s episode, good). After a bit of time online.. waiting for a virus scan to discover not a damn thing wrong even though my computer has been running way too slow lately. Ugh.

I got through maybe two episodes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (Tyzonne, yay!) before my dad returned home with some very depressing news. My dad didn’t get his food stamps today. He called his social worker and discovered that the paper work wasn’t complete. The paper work that my dad sent in with an incorrectly-written returning address that made it come back to him before he sent it out again. Now he has to fill out a whole new application. He took off to pick one up while I got online and took forever just to view some damn websites.

So my dad’s social security has been dropped by almost $100 and now his food stamps are gone as well. As I’ve been saying for ages, this government fucking sucks. So as I write this paragraph, we’re both broke and the fridge is pretty much empty. Not to mention that I have another weak spell coming on, meaning that I need to eat something. With these two major things, and the mass on my dad’s lung.. and the less major computer trouble.. this jolly holiday month is starting off just fucking great. -_-

I watched another episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.. before my dad said he wanted to go to the grocery store. SO we went bought things (me with what little I had left in the bank), then returned home.. I then watched the day’s remaining two episodes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (as I said.. Tyzonne, yay! ..the power origin were a bit lame though.. *hands over morpher* :/ ). There wasn’t enough time to play any game, so I just watched another Caprica instead (..while playing a game on my phone.. *yawn* ..but a couple non-boring things did happen in the episode, so.. *shrug*).

We had supper, then I soon got online to news-gather. Well, I tried to anyway. There has to be some kind of spyware or malware on this damn computer. AVG couldn’t find it (and Task Manager shows nothing new), but ever since I visited a file download link (to, my computer has been running a lot slower. I have to reboot a lot more often because at least then its not so lagged for a while. 😦

In primetime, we watched Human Target (good episode, but I’m still liking Season 1 more than this season so far.. the connections between the original male characters to the new female characters seems so artificial :/), last night’s Conan (lol).. and tonight’s new Transformers Prime (Darkness Rising Part 3! ..can we ever get away from zombies please? they seem oversaturated anymore.. but actually, they were pretty cool here, since they were robot zombies and all :p ). I got online for the night, finally got pissed at how I couldn’t get anything to work. While I was waiting for it to reboot in the other room.. I fell asleep all night. :/

See ya.


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