I awoke in the morning and got online, soon watching some 145 Days of Power Rangers (“The Ninja Encounter” Part 1 & 2), then I eventually headed to the living room and watched some morning TV with my dad. After some of that, I got back online again for a bit.. Once he was done with the TV, I watched Conan (lol), followed by five more episodes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (*yawn* ..managed to stay awake today though.. hehe, I enjoy Ronny’s gadgetgasms.. but the moments I do enjoy are so few and far between this season :/).

I checked out PlayStation Home for a little while (new reward is given in the Konami space after 30 minutes of out-of-game dancing.. having a hard time doing it though with the freezing 😦 ), then moved on to some more Batman: Arkham Asylum (awesome game!). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Christmas At Rockefeller Center (lol @ NBC playing the wrong lipsync tape again.. stupid bastards :p), Raising Hope (lol @ the comment about shows about babies not lasting very long.. *hopes*), Running Wilde (lol, good episode) and No Ordinary Family (good episode.. team-up! ..but aw, only a one-time thing..). My dad headed to bed and soon so did I..

See ya.


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