I awoke in the morning and soon checked out 145 Days of Power Rangers. I downloaded it twice and got a file size a bit too small. The quality wasn’t as good. So I downloaded yet again and got the more-usual 200MB file. :/ Didn’t watch it though.. I then watched Superman / Shazam! The Return of Black Adam ..aka DC Showcase Animated Shorts Collection Volume 1. Once the second short was announced, I wondered if they would put them on their own disc for easier viewing.. and they did. But there’s only five on this release. :/ The main short (which really should have been feature-length) is closer to 30mins, but the others stay at 13mins or under. The total runtime is about 65mins. I enjoyed seeing all these shorts again, and I’m glad to have this in my DC Universe movie collection. I really need to complete it though by upgrading those first few movies to Blu. :p

I followed that with Men In Black: The Series (good episode 🙂 ). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV. I got online for a little while, then soon tried to get started on Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. I watched the first five episodes.. including the behind the scenes special that shouldn’t really count. :p And yes, I’m watching downloaded data disc versions even though I have it all on official DVD. This would be the third time watching through the season… I’ll probably just continue to fall asleep for the less important episodes, like during the last one today. :p

I played through Batman: Arkham Asylum for a few hours.. then got to a difficult part just before 6PM. I tired a few times, then just gave up for the day. Oh, and my Big Bang Theory: Season 3 DVD came UPS too. Yay.. I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.

In primetime, my dad mainly slept because he didn’t do it in the afternoon like he usually does on dialysis days.. I watched Chuck (wow, very good episode this week), The Event (good episode, but.. no more episodes until late February..? aw man 😦 ), Transformers Prime (rewatched Darkness Rising Part 1, good stuff.. there was also a promo announcing that regular episodes of the series will begin in February) and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (“Panther’s Quest”.. very nice).

And that was it.. See ya.


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