Saturday 11.27.2010 — three days, SOE! three days!

I awoke in the morning from a dream. It was a cool movie-like one where me and some of my (non-existent) friends were all walking through a mall after it closed or something. And then this huge bloodthirsty orange lizard showed up and we had to fight it off. And then a bunch of tiny baby ones and teenage ones followed (yeah, just a bunch of different sizes). And we all worked to together to fight them off.. or something. It was pretty neat. And then I woke up..

So I watched the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers, soon followed by Young Justice (very good start, looking forward to more.. in January 😦 ) and Glory Daze (eh.. not as good as episode 1). My dad returned home from his holiday-postponed dialysis day.. and I had a hard time finding something we both would enjoy… Okay okay, I just wanted him to go to bed like he always does so I could play some games. I caught the new SpongeBob SquarePants on Nick2 (partly.. well, mostly.. to see the Power Rangers Samurai promo again.. it premiered with the SpongeBob movie on Thursday.. good scheduling of it, both shows are aimed at kids but also have an older audience).

The mail man came to our door to deliver a couple pieces of certified mail. I signed for them. Both were the same thing. It said there was mass on my dad’s left lung and they would have to check it to see if it was cancer like that that took his kidney. Those appointments he missed were to check out the mass. He’s been scheduled for a couple appointments in a little over a week. We might have just found out the cause of his out of control coughing…

That news just made the air between us even more dense than it already was. My dad was already talking all gloomy, as if his fate was sealed. *sigh* ..I found something to watch on TV, then he eventually fell asleep.. I turned on the PS3 and played Batman: Arkham Asylum from about 5PM to maybe 9:30PM. And then I switched over to the God of War Collection rental that had come in yesterday (God of War I.. not too sure I like it just yet.. haven’t been a fan of this genre of story). It was like I was in a trance. My dad awoke and eventually went to bed for a while, then returned again. Arkham Asylum is an awesome game, in case you haven’t heard yet. lol @ how you get that Riddler trophy after capturing Harley Quinn. “How’d you get out?” :p And I like her outfit dangit… Yeah, I have a thing for schoolgirls.. >_>

I finally shut off the PS3 at about 10:30PM. My dad was now awake and.. awake. He watched a few things after I returned to my room.. then he went right back to bed again. *shrug*

See ya.


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