Transformers Prime & GI Joe Renegades today!

I awoke in the morning and got online to check out 145 Days of Power Rangers.. and again StreamTransport would not work. After about an hour online while fiddling with it, it finally worked. Jeez. :/ I watched “White Light Part II” followed by today’s “Two For One”.. We watched some morning TV, as well as last night’s Conan (lol).

I got online for a little while before returning to the living room. And then I watched The Event (a bit bored by this one actually.. not bad though), two episodes of Men In Black: The Series (from Tuesday & Wednesday, good episodes.. liked the recurring villain Alpha.. Thursday & Friday were reruns :p), Hubworld (eh, pretty bored by it.. glad I was behind on the DVR so I could fast forward past that awful music video), Hub Exclusive (behind the scenes of the Hub’s two new series.. that I’m about to watch..), the first two episodes of Transformers Prime (“Darkness Rising” Part 1 & 2.. of 5! A very promising start to the series, really liking it so far.. this only counted as a sneak peek though, and featured an annoying bug in the corner the whole time saying “3 days until..” even though I was watching right then! my only complaint though.. I’ll probably watch again next week before Part 3-5 on Wed-Fri 🙂 ), and the first two episodes of GI Joe Renegades (“The Descent” Part 1 & 2 ..aka Attack of the Living Jello Molds!!1 lol, but really.. I liked it.. it was pretty good.. I liked the series’ premise that this two-part premiere set up and I look forward to more.. only not as much as Prime :p ).

I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, there was nothing on.. that my dad and I could both enjoy. And so I watched Monday’s House (pretty good episode), a new-to-us month-old Mentalist (good episode too, hey look that chick from High School Musical, nice), Victorious (my dad got busy elsewhere, so I watched.. thin plot again, but it was still fun.. songs were good.. though slightly disappointed to not see the Power Rangers Samurai promo, especially after they did show that House of Anubis promo) and The Soup (lol). And that was about it.. I’ll likely fit Young Justice in first thing tomorrow.. after 145 Days. :p See ya.


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