Power Rangers Samurai @ Macy’s Parade! / blah thanksgiving today

The Power Rangers Samurai appeared on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade today. Missed it? Find it below. And much like this blurb, their appearance was brief…

I awoke pretty early in the morning and got online to check out the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. But for some reason, the program I use to download the episode was no longer able to capture it. I tried and tried again throughout the day, but it just refused to work. I restarted to the program a bunch of times, I rebooted the whole computer.. nothing. Ugh. I thought it was the site itself until someone else was able to catch it no problem. Ugh. 😦 And since I like watching the copy I download, I never got around to watching today’s episode.

I eventually fell asleep for a few more hours and awoke after 8AM. Damn. I had wanted to keep tabs on Nickelodeon for the Power Rangers Samurai preview even though we most likely already had it.. I got online and checked 145 Days again, then eventually kept running back and forth from living room to bedroom (parade, online, parade, online..) while the Thanksgiving Parade aired. But then the Power Rangers Samurai finally appeared for their very breif moment, then I stayed online for a while after that.

In the afternoon, after my dad was done watching he news, I took over the TV and checked out PlayStation Home (had to get one of the new pets.. even though it doesn’t really do much.. would’ve been nice to add some animations, like with the dice.. that I also purchased) while my dad took off somewhere. He went to the grocery store.. but again barely bought anything at all. -_- ..My dad ordered some free Thanksgiving dinners (for poor people like us) and we had that.. while watching last night’s Conan (lol wow, very good episode).

I eventually returned to PlayStation Home for a little while.. and only chose to stay there longer when my dad went to bed for a nap.. And then I also played some more Batman: Arkham Asylum (with my purchased disc now, yay.. really liking this game!). I didn’t even shut it off until nearly 7PM. My dad awoke at about 6:30 and had to be told it wasn’t 6AM but PM. He also trying calling someone with the remote control earlier today…

In primetime, I mainly stayed online while my dad watched some Taylor Swift special and some reruns in the living room. Blah. I did watch some of a Big Bang Theory rerun.. then ordered Season 3 on DVD from Amazon (price-matching Target’s Black Friday price of $12.99 on all three seasons, awesome). And that was pretty much it really.. See ya.


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