Power Rangers Samurai First Look! / today

Nick.com & Yahoo! Kids officially revealed the very first promo for Power Rangers Samurai today. This looks rather promising, for what little we’re actually given. :p To see it in better quality, I’d recommend looking for it on Nickelodeon & Nicktoons over the Thanksgiving weekend. 🙂 Also don’t miss the new Rangers in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Later that night, I got the PS3 online to peruse the new releases on the PSN store. And then I thought I’d at least install the next game from Blockbuster — God of War Collection. But when the disc wouldn’t load, I checked and found it had a big crack running all along one side. Wow. :/ I reported it before going to sleep.. I awoke the next morning and watched the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers, then watched Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) (the half of this Netflix selection that I fell asleep during a few days ago.. really wanted to see it all :p), Caprica (so bored.. until the very end.. where I screamed “FINALLY!” :/ ) and Futurama (hah, holiday episode.. Snoop Dogg’s rap was probably the highlight too).

My dad soon returned home from dialysis, then we watched some morning TV.. and I got online for a little while. And that little while turned into most of the afternoon. I watched some Conan, then returned online. That was when I found the Power Rangers Samurai promo upon reloading the page. And it seems like I was the first one to discover it was online, then I posted the link in a tweet that I had pre-written (and just changed the ending). Then I quickly booted up the StreamTransport program I usually use for 145 Days, downloaded the promo, then got it up onto YouTube. I did it so quickly mainly due to some people saying they couldn’t view the promo.

After I had watched the promo 45645756756 times and the excitement had died down, I returned to the living room and soon got the PS3 online. A friend of mine of PSN that had been offline for months had returned. Cool. And then UPS dropped off my copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The listing said it was “Greatest Hits”, but there was no ugly red case to be seen. Sweet. I sealed up the rental copy and set it aside to mailed away. :p

And then I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while, playing a mini-game.. and trying to show off my newly-purchased glowing cat’s eyes.. added to the Force Unleashed 2 Starkiller outfit, dual lightsabers, and a black hood. lol. Some say the PlayStation Rewards system doesn’t update until you buy something, so I hope to see a surge soon now…

While I got all this great news, my dad got some bad. Due to not addressing an envelope currently, he didn’t get some paperwork delivered on-time. And now the state won’t pay for his medicare. He received the notice today that the money would be taken out of his monthly check instead. He barely has enough to pay all the bills (beside the one I pay). Upon hearing this, he at least decided to return both the heater and the oven now. They both had monthly payments attached. 😦

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched The Middle (lol), Better With You (lol, very funny opening scene), Modern Family (lol, girl sweater), Cougar Town (eh, didn’t really pay as much attention to this one..) and Human Target (the new female cast continues to feel a bit tacked on, as if it were a ‘suggestion’ by some bosses at the network or studio.. *shrug* ..but even with the watering down, it’s still pretty good.. I’d much like to see Emmanuelle Vaugier come back at least a few more times this season, plzplzplz).

And that was pretty much it. See ya.


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