media & oven / today

I awoke pretty early in the morning again and got online to finish up the previous entry, then I watched the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. After some more time online, my dad and I watched some morning TV.. then I fell asleep for a little while. I then got back online and had an annoying problem with Amazon’s Black Friday lightning deals. They offered Batman: Arkham Asylum for just $14.99 (50% off), so I jumped on that right away. And somehow it went down to just $4.99 (I later realized it was a $10 video game credit that I had forgotten about). Ack.. But the site said the order had to go through by a certain time, and I thought a 1-click order wouldn’t complete in time. So I canceled it in order to put in another. But the site wouldn’t allow me to. I’m such an idiot.. I then made a whole new account and managed to get it for $15 before they sold out. I hope they don’t discover it and screw me over again. But then again, a $10 premium is probably something they’re just fine with. :p

After some more time online (a lot of time), the afternoon was already half over. I fit in last night’s episode of Chuck (wow, great episode) before trying out White Knight Chronicles from Blockbuster Online. I didn’t really like it, and mainly got it for the PlayStation Home rewards anyway. You get one just for loading the game and another for “450 binds”. The latter seemed too difficult to accomplish in a game I didn’t like, so I just gave up on it and checked out my huge new statue ornament in PlayStation Home. Very nice. :p

At the same time, my two new Blu-rays and my dad’s NuWave Oven came from UPS. Ugh, the slipcover on Prince of Persia was a bit dinged up and Remember Me didn’t have one at all. :/ But more importantly, my dad appears to be more weak to suggestion than he used to be. First, he buys the heater.. and now is underwhelmed by that. He says he’s going to return it.. but he isn’t doing anything to actually do it. And now he this oven that he’s having a difficult time understanding how to use. He should have just told the manager of our apartments to get us a working oven. But no. He wasted $40 first payment and $90 shipping to get it here.. and now he nothing to cook in it. At least I make sure I don’t run out of money in the bank. He don’t seem to care at all.

He seems to still have a surplus in the bank from his time away (for now.. well, before the oven), and he kept putting off fixing the brakes that he screwed up by accidentally pushing down on the gas and brake at the same time. SO they’re slowly getting worse and he decides to spend it on this instead. Urgh. He saw the NuWave infomercial twice before in times of less money and I tried to make sure he never saw it again. But while I was online Saturday morning, he saw the infomercial and ordered right away. -_-

So anyway, after the game and Home, I put in the oven’s instructional DVD because it sounded like a better option than my dad’s “put it aside until I understand it”. Hopefully he’ll get out of his “I don’t know what to buy” BS at the grocery store. Hopefully.. I got back online and eventually news-gathered. During that, my dad added a couple more empty boxes to the living room decor (as well as said oven) and made supper the way he usually does. :/

In primetime, we watched No Ordinary Family (hm, very good episode), two episodes of Raising Hope ( last week’s & this week’s.. and liked them, actually.. especially the newer one.. but still getting annoyed by seeing Kate Micucci everywhere, and it wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t sing 😐 ) and Glee (haha, another Power Rangers reference on TV.. Saban really must be succeeding getting the brand name out there, nice.. good episode too, of course :p).

And so ends another day.. See ya.


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