Sunday 11.21.2010 —

I awoke in the morning and got online to check out the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. Eventually, I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (not going out Tuesday.. which means I’m not going out at all.. *prisoner*), then watched Bleach (eh..), Kekkaishi (as usual, better than the former 🙂 ), Glory Daze (not bad, a little more drama than I was expecting.. plus I wasn’t expecting it to be an hour.. but I liked it 🙂 ), Life Unexpected (wow, VERY intense episode.. finally.. how come some shows appear to do the really good episodes too late? grr) and Hellcats (pretty good here too, actually).

After that, I got online for a while so that my dad could enjoy his sports. But I returned to the living room a bit later.. and fell asleep for most of the afternoon. Gr. Hate sleep for taking all my time away.. I got back online, then watched a single bedroom DVR episode of Supernatural (October 8th episode.. great timing to see that opening scene just as supper was ready :p). So yeah, supper.

In primetime, we watched Funniest Videos (is there too many females in the audience voting or what? this is Funniest Videos, not Cutest Videos! -_-), Simpsons (lol @ a movie reference in the same week they’re premiering the movie on FOX :p), Cleveland Show (ugh, subplot and message at the end.. so stupid.. so remaining off my “buy this DVD” list), Family Guy (lol, felt a bit like an older episode, made me feel nostalgic), American Dad (lol, Francine should have left this ass ages ago!) and The Walking Dead (another great episode.. and two episodes left! boo! :p).

And that was about it once again… See ya.


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