Saturday 11.20.2010 — l@@k, links!

I awoke in the morning and got online to watch the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers, then I ended up staying online for a little while.. But eventually, I watched The Soup (lol), iCarly (“iStart A Fan War”.. I liked Jack Black’s singing of course, and some other moments.. but when the plot’s thin and they stretch it to fill an hour? *yaaawn*), Big Time Rush (lol, a bit over-the-top for me at times though.. don’t like “live action cartoon” moments this much), Degrassi (good episode.. but “finale” already? aw man), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (another yawn episode.. so much so I fell asleep.. ah well, I’ll see again on the inevitable Season 3 Blu-ray) and Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (JFK, some interesting stuff even I didn’t know…).

My dad eventually left to try and buy some groceries (he fails more often than not anymore), then I eventually got into playing some more Batman: Arkham Asylum. I’m liking it.. until I got stuck again.. My other two games came in today though: White Knight Chronicles and God of War Collection. I’ve been eyeing a purchase of the latter for a while now, but just wasn’t sure.. The former I’ll probably just try and get the two PlayStation Home unlockables out off. Haha. :p

My dad returned home.. and I eventually shut off the game./ We had some supper and soon watch my next Netflix selection — Nightmare On Elm Street (2010). I was mainly in it to see Jackie Earle Haley (who’s awesome in Watchmen & Human Target). My dad kept pointing out the similarities between it and the original version he saw, incorrectly recalling it to be in black & white.. But of course, I fell asleep like half way through. I guess I won’t get it back in the mail tomorrow. Damnit.

I got online for a while.. which turned into the usual rest of the night. *shrug* Well.. see ya.

[ In Motion – The Plot To Destroy The United States ]
[ How Rothschild Banksters Destroyed America – Part 1 ]
[ How Rothschild Banksters Destroyed America – Part 2 ]
[ Kevin Annett – Most Talk, Few Do Anything ]
[ Video: Rense & Jim Marrs – Why So Few Think Anymore ]
[ Video: Aussie Trades Unionist Exposes The 9/11 Coverup ]
[ 911 Ground Zero Workers Pressured To Settle Lawsuits ]
[ Secret Service Agent Breaks JFK Murder Silence ]
[ Insanity Grows – NYC Cops Bust Unauthorized Chess Game ]
[ Americans Now Need Terror Screening To Buy A Car ]
[ Obama To Give Bush 41 Presidential Medal Of Freedom ]
[ Video: Ron Paul – Stop Irradiating US And Fondling Our Children ]
[ TSA Scanners As Likely To Kill You As A Terrorist ]
[ Travelers Who Refuse TSA Scans Will Be Fined, Arrested ]
[ Americans Plan Mass TSA Protest ]
[ Time To Shut Down Britain’s Magic Money Machine – The Fed ]
[ ‘Don’t Criticize Jews & Muslims’ Bill Enters Congress ]
[ Wooldridge Attacked For Stand On Human Overpopulation ]
[ Internet Censorship Bill Sails Through Senate Committee ]
[ Government Control Of Internet Coming ]
[ China Hacks US Military & Govt – Steals Massive Data ]
[ Timeline Of Chinese Cyber Attacks On US, West ]
[ China May Try To ‘Control The Internet’ Says US ]
[ China Denies ‘Hijacking’ Internet Traffic ]
[ S. 510 Will Mandate Licenses To Grow A Garden ]
[ Video: Official – We’ll Never Get All The Oil Off The Beach ]
[ Video: Pensacola Beach Deep Cleaning Reveals Oil ]
[ Video: Oil Buried 5 Feet Deep On FL Beaches ]
[ Gulf Loaded With Chemicals – FDA Says Seafood Safe! ]
[ Ozone Layer Holes Sunburning Whales ]
[ Soon – Absolutely Delicious Gum Without Poison! ]
[ H3N2 Swine Flu Pandemic Confirmed ]
[ Skin May Be Turned Into Blood Soon ]
[ CERN Grabs Elusive ‘Antimatter’ Atoms For First Time ]
[ Hubble Image of ‘Dark Matter’ In Distant Galaxy ]
[ Study Proves People Are Psychic – Can See Future ]
[ Video: Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power? ]
[ Top NASA Astronaut Reveals UFO Encounter ]
[ Clark McClelland & Dr. Story Musgrave ET Expose ]
[ New Film On WW2 German UFOs ]
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