dcuo pre-order beta glitch / TODAY

It appears that Sony Online Entertainment’s latest project DC Universe Online has already hit its first bump in the road. PC beta keys were supposed to have been sent out the other day to all of those who pre-ordered and submitted their receipts on the offiicial site before November 15th. And those who were supposed to get PS3 beta keys a bit later on (“very near future”) were supposed to get PC beta keys as well. But that didn’t happen. A lot people who were promised to be in the beta by the end of the month did not receive their key. The DCUO Facebook page is now asking for those who did not receive keys to resubmit on the website with their receipt images, and/or create a support ticket at Station.com with the receipt image as an attachment. Ugh. I hope all of this will be straightened out..

I awoke in the morning and watched 145 Days of Power Rangers, then followed that with two episodes of Men In Black: The Series (good episodes). But of course before I could watch anything else.. I fell asleep.. My dad came home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV.. and then I got online for a while..

In the afternoon, the mail arrived with my first game from my four-week free trail to Blockbuster Online. Yay. I installed it, then played the very start of Batman: Arkham Asylum. I was unsure about buying it all this time, even after the demo.. After the start, I shut it off though and got into PlayStation Home to check out the Batcave apartment that the game unlocks. Hehe. It was then I got the warning that the controller needed charging. D’oh. 😦

And so I watched last night’s Bones (O_O wow.. and ew too..) before returning to Batman: Arkham Asylum for an hour or two. I’m liking this game so far. And five more trophies! :p ..Once I got a bit stuck, I gave up for now and watched Fringe (wow, very good episode, especially that ending.. whoa). By then, it was 6PM.. and my dad was fast asleep. But I left him alone and got online to news-gather.

In primetime, my dad was still asleep.. and it was hard to wake up. It probably had to do with his low blood pressure after dialysis. He seemed fine while at the assisted living place, because they exercised him daily. But here, he just sits around. And due to his low blood pressure, he thinks he’s very cold and thinks there’s something wrong with ME for not being cold. And so he turns up his new heater full blast and makes it so hot in here. Ugh. 😦

With my dad still sleeping at 8PM, I watched Community (haha, fort) and 30 Rock (haha). My dad finally awoke during the latter.. and so we soon watched Smallville (wow, good episode this week πŸ™‚ “Yeah, we should stick together. Well, bye. *exits*” :p ) and The Good Guys (lol, good episode here too). My dad fell asleep once again by this point. I think I remember watching The Soup.. but yeah, I fell asleep too.. and didn’t wake until morning. :/

See ya.


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