I stayed up a bit late in PlayStation Home.. before going to sleep for the night.. I awoke in the morning and checked out 145 Days of Power Rangers (aw, the song at the end..). I eventually was able to get onto PlayStation Home.. until it was disconnected for PSN maintenance for the rest of the day. Ugh.

Eventually, I watched The Big C (season finale.. the closing scene with her son really got me crying, even a couple times after the show was over.. guess I identified with the thought of losing a parent to cancer 😦 ). I followed that with last night’s Conan (lol), then some Ellen (eh). And then I watched Glee (finally, right? good episode too, of course), South Park (rofl, especially the Shake Weight plot :p) and Ugly Americans (actually fell asleep during this one.. but since the series reached new levels to lame here, I didn’t really care anyway).

After that, I played some Grand Theft Auto IV. I was really wanting to try and play through some more of the game (again, for trophies).. but instead I just got into some online multiplayer instead. Got two new trophies out of it though. 🙂 ..My dad’s new heater arrived via UPS way late in the afternoon (about 5PM). I don’t feel cold at night, but it seems my dad does. So instead of trying to turn up the current electric heaters, he wastes money on a new box thing that’ll mainly get in the way. I recommended he move it into his room, where he’s having the problem (cover himself in sheets? no way). But no, it’s too powerful to be centered there. There’s definitely no way to turn the heat down on i– oh, there is. *headdesk*

I tried my best to ignore how my dad wasted that money he could have used to get his car’s brakes fixed… but that wasn’t going to happen. After the usual arguing, I got online to news-gather a bit really than usual. We half-and-halfed on some pizza for supper though.. In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol), Shit My Dad Says (lol), The Office (lol.. haha’s @ HRG now hanging out at a different paper company :p), Outsourced (hah, not that bad, for once) and Mentalist (an episode from last month, we’re sooo behind).

And then that was it.. See ya.


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