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I awoke early in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry.. and eventually download / watch the day’s 145 Days of Power Rangers. Soon, we watched a bit of morning TV.. but then I got ready and soon headed out to media buy..

But not so fast.. Shortly after 10AM, we first headed to the library to print up some coupons. But no, our usual library now opened a few hours later now, probably due to the budgetary reasons we’ve heard in the news lately. Ugh. So my dad gave the option of going to another library.. and so we did. But this one didn’t open until 11AM, so we had to wait for about a half-hour for it to open. Then I finally got in there, printed the coupons, and got out of there. Too quickly, it seems though. I forgot the USB drive in the computer back there and had to drive back and get it. Argh. :/

Finally, I made my way to Best Buy. There, I picked up Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, The Last Airbender 2-disc Combo Blu-ray, the Now Christmas 4 CD and the Boardwalk Empire Promo DVD (only 99 cents this time, thanks HBO.. I collect all the HBO promo discs :p). First, I price-matched Avatar from $29.99 to Target’s $24.99, then Now down to Target’s $11.99. Then I used a printed $5 off coupon on Last Airbender to bring it down to $21.99, then finally used a $10 Reward Zone certificate. What the register first said was $80.. was now down to about $53. Nice. >:) Plus there’s no more definite releases to purchase for the rest of this month. Got some money left over. For now anyway, I’m eyeing a new hard drive for my PS3. Mine’s been too full for far too long.

After that, I got the usual icee and soon returned home.. My dad watched some Ellen as I got online to inventory the new discs. And soon, I watched Men In Black: The Series (haha, good episode.. Clancy Brown’s voice made this one memorable back in the day), rest of last night’s The Event (hm, didn’t miss nearly as much as I thought I did.. like the last 5-10mins or so.. good minutes too, it had been a bit boring up to that point), Chuck (..Summer Glau.. *drools* ..good episode too 🙂 ), Bored To Death (lol, good episode.. plus yay @ the random MMPR Green Ranger cosplayer walking by in the background during the comic convention scene :p ) and The Big C (wow, some episode.. and there’s still one to go).

We had some supper, then I eventually got online.. In primetime, we watched No Ordinary Family (good episode this week) and House (also very good). My dad dad went to bed by this point.. then I watched two episodes of Hellcats (caught up.. until tomorrow night.. good episodes though, especially the latter with Dino Thunder‘s Emma Lahana getting a bigger role in the show). And that was pretty much it.

See ya.



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