Last night, I got on the PS3 for a while.. and fell asleep waiting for some video files to download off the PSN Store. Argh.. I awoke in the morning to find that it was after 5AM. I had to go into my dad’s room and awake him for dialysis again. I thought he had reset the alarm when it went off the other day in the PM instead of AM. But maybe he forgot to turn it on..? He got up and soon headed out to dialysis.

I watched an episode of Men In Black: The Series (from yesterday).. and eventually fell asleep.. I awoke some hours later, got the PC back online and got around to 145 Days of Power Rangers (Mutiny Part III!). And then I watched today’s Men In Black: The Series… My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some of the usual morning TV, then I got online for a little while.

Next, I watched I Am Legend on Blu-ray. Third time watching it (theatrical, DVD, now Blu), still enjoyed it. Thanks for this free Blu-ray, Warner! :p ..I followed that with Bored To Death (lol, good episode), East Bound & Down (not bad) and Life Unexpected (better than the other episodes lately.. nice.. still one episode behind :p). And after one level of Salt Shooter in PlayStation Home, supper was ready.

I shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather. And I proceeded to stay online all night while my dad watched his country music awards. I didn’t find time for the bedroom DVR, but I did a lot of comic book collection organizing. I deleted a lot of duplicates and made a lot of new free HDD space. Yay.. Now I just need to read them. And now that the epic-long (84 issues!) Superman: New Krypton storyline is over, maybe I will. 🙂

My dad went to bed even before 10PM. He said he just couldn’t stay up any longer… *finishes up, runs to PlayStation Home* See ya.


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