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I awoke earlier in the morning than I have lately (probably due to the early sleep last night), then got online. I downloaded and watched today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers (“The Mutiny Part II”!), then finished up yesterday’s entry (er, wrote the whole damn thing). I went to the living room.. and soon fell asleep for some more hours. I awoke after 9AM. I got online for a bit, then got ready and headed out to media buy…

First, I headed to Target.. and bought nothing. The Blu-ray I was looking for was not on the shelf.. so I left. I would regret that later.. I moved on to Best Buy and picked up Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Superman / Shazam: The Return of Black Adam on Blu-ray, as well as the Now 36 CD. I got the icee, then waited out in the car while my dad grocery-shopped for a bit longer than he said. :/

We returned home and watched some morning TV. I also got online and inventoried the new discs. It was also then that I began hearing via forums about copies of the Superman / Shazam Blu-ray that include a DVD, digital copy & slipcover. My version didn’t have any of that. Grrrrr. At first, it appeared to be a Target exclusive.. but then it showed in other stores as well. Now I want to go back up to Best Buy and checked for these first pressing versions.. but I doubt I could get back out there tomorrow since tomorrow is another dialysis day where my dad can’t do anything. 😐 Maybe I’ll try and ask anyway. Maybe.

I soon watched National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (good movie, again!).. then spent some time on PSN. I played a game or two for a bit.. and then it was time for my dad to watch his news, so I had to turn it off.. I got online to news-gather and we eventually had something for supper.. In primetime, I watched No Ordinary Family (good episode again this week), Raising Hope (eh, the more they dissolve the “80s” vibe with present day stuff, the less I’m liking it..), Running Wilde (I lost interest early on.. I’ll have to try again later) and Glee (wow, very good episode tonight 🙂 ).

And… see ya.



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