Saturday 11.06.2010 —

I awoke in the morning and watched today’s 145 Days of Power Rangers (“Mighty Morphin Mutants”, a rather good episode). Then I took over the TV while my dad slept through most of the morning.. and watched Todd Margaret (that’s how the season ends.. really? :/ ), Degrassi (ha, good episode), Big Time Rush (lol, loved the mom’s “okay” bits :p), The Soup Presents (lol) and Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (had to check the Area 51 episode.. don’t like the oversensualization in this show though).

My dad awoke and later headed to the store. I sooo wanted to go to the grocery store.. but he wasn’t going to the one I wanted to go to. *sigh* ..I got online for a little while, then checked out PlayStation Home (I’m so bad at decorating my personal spaces.. I’m doing a very obvious movie theme for the Hollywood Hills House). My dad eventually returned and.. a little while later, we finally sat down and watched my next Netflix selection — Get Him To The Greek. I really enjoyed this movie more than I expected. I’ll have to get it cheap on Blu someday. This rental version of the DVD was pretty lame though. They removed all the special features, but kept the menus that listed them intact. Every time you’d select one, a screen would come up saying to buy the Blu-ray or DVD to see the special features. I guess it was even lucky to get the extended version of the movie included. Universal cheapskates. :/

We had some supper, then I eventually found my way online for the rest of the night as my dad watched his Cops and Most Wanted… That was about it… Or so I thought, until the History of Power Rangers Wild Force videos went online and I immediately watched those for the next 90 minutes or so (yes, it’s that long).. Well, see ya. 🙂


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