I awoke in the morning and and eventually got online for a while. But once my dad left for dialysis, I watched the rest of Caprica (I fell asleep during late last night.. just great that on the episode before cancellation, some things interesting finally happened! RAWR!), followed by 145 Days of Power Rangers (nice) and Men In Black: The Series.. before I fell asleep again. I awoke a little later and soon got onto PlayStation Home for a bit. Then I finished Men In Black: The Series, followed by Batman Beyond.

After that, I watched Community (trampoline.. hmm, maybe that’s why everyone likes this overrated show.. everyone gets high before watching -_-) and 30 Rock (eh). I ordered National Treasure 2 Blu-ray from Amazon and it arrived UPS today. Yay. I already have the first movie free from Disney Movie Rewards. Maybe it’s about time to start watching these unwatched Blu-rays.. I then watched two episodes of Nikita (great show.. but the promo for the latest episode making it seem like some romantic drama garbage.. wtf was that?! soo cannot wait to see CW ruin this awesome show with their meddling.. fuckers).

We had some Subway for supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Smallville (good episode this week, though next week looks a bit better 🙂 ), The Good Guys (lol, good.. of course), The Soup (lol) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (once again, pretty good episode compared to the latest ones.. its a droid duo adventure.. but next week looks even better 🙂 ). And that was about it. See ya.


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