I awoke in the morning and soon watched 145 Days of Power Rangers, then snuck onto the PS3 and checked out PlayStation Home.. pretty much all morning. I bought the Holly Hills apartment than worked to decorated it a bit. Twelve picture frame spots. I’m gonna need some movie posters. 🙂 ..My dad watched some news at noon, then I watched two episodes of Men In Black: The Series (heh, the animated flashback to the movie.. that was cool..), two episodes of Batman Beyond (may drop this one soon since its airing so out of order now :/ ) and Twisted Whiskers Show (fell asleep soon after starting it.. will have to rewatch later).

So I fell asleep for a few hours.. and my dad made sure to not wake me up until the usual 6PM living room TV cut-off time. Thanks a lot. :p We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched The Big Bang Theory (lol, too little Eliza Dushku though :p), Shit My Dad Says (lol, my dad’s liking this one), The Office (lol) and Outsourced (eh, the romantic plot is just.. blah.. everything else is okay though). My dad went to bed, so I then watched South Park (the latter half I missed when falling asleep late last night.. and the story still isn’t over.. wow) and Ugly Americans (..yeah..).

And then I stayed up late looking for movie posters from my favorite movies via Google. :p See ya.


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